Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Turning Lane

Have you ever seen these on the road before? It's a whole lane in between the other two or four lanes. One lane that has a solid yellow line on the outside and a dotted yellow line on the inside. Who knows what these are called? That's right. Turning lanes. Who knows what turning lanes are for? Go ahead. Take a guess. Good! They are for turning! Did you ever notice that those turning lanes are kinda long? So long that sometimes they are continuous down a whole street? Do you have a guess as to why they are so long? No? Do you think it might be because you are supposed to get into the turning lane and then slow down to make your turn. You don't slow down to a near stop in a driving lane and then turn diagonally into the turning lane leaving half your butt out in the driving lane. The driving lane is for driving. Turning lane is for turning. So, if you're cruising along at 35 and you see your turn coming up...keep cruising at 35 and signal into the turning lane. Once you enter the turning lane, then slow down. Don't let me see those brake lights come on until you are in the turning lane. MmKay?
Turning lanes. Use them for the good of all mankind.


Karlenn said...

That is funny. I hate when people do that (slow down pre-turn lane).

Nat said...

Someone told me once that the turn lane is NOT for people pulling out, as in from a store, crossing the two lanes, and waiting in the turn lane for the other traffic in the far lanes to clear to go with that flow of traffic. Like when you're turning left. I totally don't agree with them.

The Empey Fam! said...

hahahah I am probably guilty! but i think we have a road rager on our hand!! WHO??? Answer us MRS P.P hahaha