Monday, January 3, 2011


The time has come my friends.  The end of another year.  Auld Lang Syne! Ring Out Wild Bells!  Loddi Doddi We Love to Party.  That last one was a Snoop Dogg reference for you severely white peoples.  Anytime I start naming off songs Snoop comes to mind.  He's the Doggfather... he's Paid the Cost to Be the Boss.  C'mon ladeez.

Welcome to...

Da Bloggies!  I'm glad to see you all came dressed up and that the kids are safely distracted.  Your blogs this year were splendid.  Just spa-lendid. They've given me hours of late night, early morning, andmidafternoon reading entertainment.  Seeing your families grow and learn new things... *tears*....  I just love being part of your life.  Even if I didn't comment- I read.  Some of you have shown extra-devotion to your blogs and for that I say hurrah.  For those of you who didn't I say:  You're a nincompoop.  I wish to award the outstanding bloggers with a Bloggie. A bloggie is my own personal award that goes to you.  No ribbon.... no money... just a real good feeling of accomplishment.  A "You Did It!" sensation.  This year we'll also recognize a runner up in each category.

So- without further ado- with abated breath...
Let us commence.

Most Suspenseful Blog

Runner Up:  Heath Candy Bars (they are always doing something fun... ALWAYS!)
Winner: Cinderella, A-Train, and the Little Caboose
You guys have got to read this blog.  It's incredible.  She has really unique and differing posts.  She can really tell a story.  It's not all given away in the first line.  It's never the same thing twice.  Sometimes it's a recipe.  (I have tried some and I lub dem.)  Sometimes it's a family story complete with pictures. Sometimes it's an epiphany... it's beautiful.  She's beautiful!  She has a beautiful sense of self.  And an incredible sense of style.  She titles well.  She writes well.  And always leaves me wanting more.  (Plus!  Somehow she got her comment line to say "4 Cool People Said:"  instead of comments.  So cool.  So cool.)

Least Updated
Runner Up:  Teener Weiner aka The Ivie's (c'mon Kris... let's try here.)
Winner:  The Bells Are Napping
I'd say the bells are napping!  They've been napping since July!  And took frequent cat naps before that!  Larae get back on the horse.  It's not too late for you. 

Most Thought Out Commenter
Runner Up: Chris and Courtney (rarely misses a post, gives advice, shares life)
Winner:  Kar's Kith and Kin
2 years running here.  The girl can comment.  She even comments on Kole's blog.  It's really cute.  She always says (and I always agree) that comments are the language of love.  She never misses a post.  It's amazing.  And she can normally comment withinh... I dunno... 2 hours of a post?  I know, right!  This girl has commenting down to a t.  Down to an art.  Down to business.

Best Pictures:
Runner Up: Blethen, Mark and Megan (gorgeous, GORGEOUS pictures. Hire her.)
Winner:  Munns Funs aka Natters
The Munns' take pictures of everything.  My favorites are of her kids.  Colton and Taylee.  They live on a farm and Natters catches all the magic of childhood.  Her kids are always looking like maniacal balls of fun.  Nats also takes pictures of good couping deals and home made projects she does.  She can write a blog with just pictures and you'd be able to feel what she was trying to express.

Impressively Improved
Runner Up:  Brett and Tiffany (Blogging a lot more, really letting that big personality get through, funny and friendly.)
Winner:  Chris and Julia
Jules won an award last year and I feel like you will think there is some family narcissism here.  There is not.  I consider you all my family.  Julie has really worked to find a niche of her own with her blog.  And she's written like 20 billion more times that she did last year.  She's added movies and downloaded pictures all for my entertainment.  And your entertainment.  And their entertainment.  Jules updates every single day.  (Vicky hates it when anyone says "every single")  It's something I have come to look forward to and something I have come to envy.  If only my internet was faster.  If only.

Congrats to this years winners, runners up, and losers.  Not so much to the losers.  I just didn't want to leave you totally out.


Chris+Jules said...

I was JUST going to text you and remind you about the Bloggies but I didn't want to seem...desperate for one? Haha. Now that you have, I gladly accept my Bloggie with honor! What an honor! Seriously. Not only have you recognized something that I have worked hard on this year--but you have brought me more readers. To the readers of Patty's blog that click on my blog: Even though you don't comment, I know you read--Because Patty's blog brings me at least 4 unique readers a day. You sillys! Just comment and I promise I'll read yours too.

Love you Pats!

Karlenn said...

Yeeee! I was wondering if you were still doing this! That means that I need to do this, huh??

Alright. Speech time.

[After someone helps me up the stairs with my ridiculously heavy and crazy outfit]OMG. If I thought I would win an award, I would have worn a different outfit! Hahahaha! [Fake smile, an adjusting of some ridiculous hat] Thanks to Patty, the funniest, greatest blogger this side of the Pecos, for this honor. Thanks to Tammy Taylor for teaching me the term "languages of love," which comes from a book I have yet to read. I'm too busy making outfits out of raw meat, hahahaha. [Another fake smile] Thanks to my dad for giving me a job that is really, really boring, which is when I read and comment on blogs. Otherwise, I'd fall asleep. MAY THE BLOGGIES LIVE ON!!! [Raising my bloggie high in the air, then struggling to get down the stairs in my complicated outfit.]

Poulsen Family said...

Wow I feel special and completely unworthy! I often feel like I should comment more while reading others' blogs. Especially because, some days, it's the only form of communication I have with the outside world.

Thanks again for the award.

Will and Emily Empey said...

I am copying this!!!

Lyner said...

Even though I am a loser, it is fun to read. Congrats on the winners :) I do have to say, Karlenn is the best commenter. She is better than any of my family members at commenting on my blog. Go Kar!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I feel VERY undeserving of your KIND KIND words Patty. are wayyy to nice. But, with that said...I also want to say THANK YOU...seriously. That made my whole year. No joking.

I just have to second you on pronouncing Karlenn winner of best commenter. She is better than any of my family and I always know when I read her comments they will make me smile!

And to you Patty, If I had bloggie awards on my blog I would give you the award for most Entertaining. Trust me that is a compliment. Some blogs I read and am bored in the first few lines...that NEVER happens to me on your blog. Never. I love reading it!

Hope you guys had a great Christmas/New Years. And Thanks again for being so sweet. Really.

Gramma n Grampa said...

I've gone to my blog several time. Thinking I need to blog. I don't want to disappoint Patty. Hehehe!But I haven't had anything interesting to blog about. Now that Christmas is over I have some new pictures I can post. Just have to get them off my camera.
My News Year resolution. I will blog more. :) But I LOVE that I won one of your awards. Thanks Patty

Natalie said...

Ok, I know that it has taken me awhile to accept my award, not because I am not excited but just the opposite, I am overwhelmed! I lost last year, a devastating thing, so devastating that I gained 10 lbs, I am eating a cinnamon roll as we speak, I picked up a couponing addiction, and had another baby, sick I know! It took me a week to think about what I was going to say, and I came up with this:

Thank you first two the academy, (meaning Patters,) without you there would be no me, no Fanilow club ( I still have my t-shirt) I would have never known that funner isn't a word, and lastly Oleta Adams would have never had a second revival!

I want to thank cannon for making cameras that allowed me to take those beautiful pictures of my peeps.

And last but not least my family for putting up with my obsessive picture taking!

Peace I'm out