Thursday, July 28, 2011

The First 1st Birthday Party

Koley had his first (of three) birthday parties on Sunday.  It was a dog theme.  That theme was picked strictly on the fact that Koley can say "dog."  He loves to hear dogs, point at dogs, pet dogs, see dogs... anything dog related is right up Kole's alley.  I ordered a cake from Sam's and got them to put a dog on it.  (They said the picture was edible... but I tasted it and it tasted like wet paper towels.  I mean I guess you can eat wet paper towels if you want to but they aren't any good.)  The cake was good though.  Yellow cake with strawberry filling and butter cream icing.  FanTAStic. Dare I say, my favorite.  (About half was left after the par-tay and me and Ken ate it within 36 hours... yeah... good.)

Koley got his own cake.  Being one and all.  Ken didn't totally think he'd go for it because Kole doesn't like sticky things... but we all do crazy things for sweets.  The boy had cake everywhere.  In his hair, eyebrows, ears, belly button, arm pits, and in between his toes.  I was so proud of him.  He likes sweets just like hims mama.
When I was growing up, the rule for birthday parties was- you can invite Grandma and one friend. But I'm running my own house now and I'm a big softie and let Kole invite 2 friends.  He invited Colton and Taylee and they were party animals!  Literally.

Kole hasn't grasped the concept of presents.  Luckily, Colton was there to help because Kole was happy as can be just... sitting on his gifts.  People look at me funny when I sit on gifts but Kole got a lot of laughs.

This was his first present.  I sat it next to him and he just looked alllll around.  Like there was nothing there.   I asked my mom, "How do I make him open it?" 
It was a gorgeous day to celebrate my gorgeous son.  I amso proud of him and Ken and myself. 
I'm still riding that confidence wave.


SkippyMom said...

Happy Birthday big boy Kole! :) I love that he loves dogs - that is great.

When are the next two parties? Sounds like so much fun. YAY!

Brett and Tiffany said...

Glad he enjoyed his party! Love the "dog"-theme! I really like your hair cut!

Julia said...

Love the family pic!!! We are going to have ANOTHER party once you move here. Does that mean 4? Yeesh. He is definitely a Bradley. Well, a Poulsen...but, ya know! Welcome to the world of 1 Koley.