Monday, November 7, 2011

Glad To Be Bradley

I've been thinking of my sisters all day.
Will Krissy sell her house?  Gosh she is so pretty.
How are Vicky's wedding plans coming?  Man, she's pretty.
How much bigger is Julie's blog going to get? Probably lots.  Super super pretty.
I wish Andi was coming for Christmas.  Or that I was going to Cancun with her!  She's so pretty.

So, sisters, this is for you.  I watch it like 38 or 39 times a week.


Julia said...

<3<3<3<3 Love you all! Brings tears to my eyes every time.

DoublClik said...

Hey! You're a regifter! Lol get it? Because that was my gift to you all for my graduation...

Love you!!! Talk to ya tonight

Kar said...

Oh my GOSH, you guys are just as spazzy as my sisters and I are! I loooooved this video so much. And I loved that Andi used the music from Little Women. Perfect.