Tuesday, November 1, 2011


They say "You are Lucky in love."
After 6 years of marriage, 0 door slams, 0 walk outs, 0 nights not talking it out, 0 big nasty nasty fights (maybe just a couple regular nasty fights)... I still wouldn't say I'm "lucky in love."
I would say I am committed to love.
And to Ken.

But Lucky in love?
Hmmm. I guess it started with luck. Lucky we were in the same Art class in college.... but beyond that? . You can't ride that wave your whole life. Being together takes work and patience. Sometimes you have to watch Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry movies all weekend long to prove you love someone. (And sometimes he has to watch back to back English Romances to prove he loves me.) I can tell you neither one of us consider ourselves lucky at those times! I can't chalk a successful marriage up to luck. That's baloney. Luck won't stop the bills from piling up, or break the blow when MRI results come in, or kick out the baby blues that never leave. Luck won't help when a job doesn't work out, or days go horribly awfully wrong. You have to be committed. And we are.
Ken and I made it to number 6 and there is no end in sight for us. Upward and onward. New horizons and challenges are coming. We can take it. We've got it pretty good. It takes practice. Trying to show you love the other person in every different way just to make sure they are getting the message is not something that just happens. Not every day is easy. Not even a majority of the days are easy. But, sixty-nine years from now when we are having a big luncheon (with deli swirls and devilled eggs) for our 75th Anniversary and someone says to me "Oh you are one of the lucky ones." I'm going to sit them down and give them a good talking to.

Because I don't believe love has anything to do with luck. And old people are like that.


Julia said...

Congratulations on 6 years. Great message (we totally agree) and great movie!!! ...and great song. :) Love you guys. Let me know when you can come over for dinner! Saturday?

Ginger Bradley said...

So Happy for you Ken and Patty! Loved the little movie! and Patty, I love all your hair styles, places you've been and things you've done. Good for you! A really truthful message. Love you!

Kar said...

Happy Anniversary, Pats!! I really loved watching that slideshow. Is "slide show" two separate words? Hm. AnyWAYS, watching it made me miss your smile lots and lots. And it made me miss how much stinkin' fun you are. I love your poses for picture. You are a kindred picture poser spirit with me. :)

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Ken! I agree with every word, but I will say - he is pretty darn lucky!

Hope it was great!

DoublClik said...

Pattyyyy, Happy Anniversary! This was a great post, one I know I am going to refer back to. Well put, great advice. I was tappin' my foot to that song! You'd think me and Rory would have tons of pictures considering I'm a photographer, but not many actually! I'm inspired to start documenting more memories

Brett and Tiffany said...

LLLOOOVVVEEE this post! You inspire me! I want to make one of those for our 14 year anniversary this year...but how? I am not that "technological advanced"! Can you help me? I totally agree...love takes committment and dedication!

Julianna said...


It takes a lot of WORK to stay in love. WORK, not LUCK.

Enjoy many, many more.

Nat said...

You have SOOOO many pictures of the two of you together! Yikes. I have, like, 3 of me and my hubs. Hm-something to work on.

Congrats on the big 6!

Emily Empey said...

I love this post! I loved watching your slideshow! Very fun! and ZERO Door Slams! GOOD JOB!