Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Awesome. Therefore, I'm Patty.

Just so you know, "awesome" is one of my least favorite adjective.

I got some feedback yesterday from my fan club.  You wondered why some current neighbors of mine didn't want to spend time with me when all of you were jumping out of your seats hoping I'd pick you to dine with.
I can see why you have this attraction to me.
I mean, come ON!

I'm (almost) 5'9".  That's tall.  They make tall jeans especially for me in order to accentuate my legs that go all the way up and make a booty out of themselves.
I have had 2 knock 'em dead hair days.  In.  A.  Row. All I've done was blow dry it and flat iron out the fly aways and it has looked stellar.  Bouncy.  Full.  Pantene Pro-V commercial worthy.  I've loved it. 
I don't bite my nails.  That's a trait worth investing some time into girlies.  They pay off is.... not really that noticeable... but anytime you reach a goal... you....  Hmmmm.  I just like my nails okay?
I'm a reader.  Which used to make me dorky- but nowadays it means I am mysterious and chic and smart and edgy.  Oh yes.  That's me all over.
I am going to start a mug collection.  (Tune in for THAT post next week.)  Collections are cool.
Kids really like me.
I still send hand written mail.
I pretty much always say "yes."  This is sometimes my undoing.  That garsh dern over sized heart of mine.
I gave up on P90X and don't feel all that bad about it.  I'm pretty without a six pack of abs and killer gymnast thighs.
I'm equally good at giving and receiving compliments.  That's super hard to come by.
I always buy stuff from school fundraisers.  Spending $17 on 2 feet of wrapping paper is totally worth it to me.
I can play the piano... quite well.
I make the best sugar cookies across 3 galaxies.  If you leave your address I will mail you some.  (Or at least the recipe.)

So you see, kiddos, I'm golden.  I know I'm golden.  You know I'm golden.  In time... they'll want some golden too.  I'll just wait in my awesomeness until they come begging for some Patty scraps.


Rita Westerbeck said...

I love you, Patty!

Julianna said...

"I still send hand written mail."

The postal person in me really loves you right now. :)

Kar said...

You ARE a good compliment-giver. I still feel good that you told me you love that I always carry gum in my purse. Aaaand, you write good personal sentiments in cards.

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Um...I had to go back and look at my comment on your previous post to confirm what I pretty much already knew...I told you that you are 'awesome'. So, sorry if I offended you :) But to me it's a worthy adjective, so that's the one you get.

Ginger Bradley said...

I've always been your fan.
you're quite FANtastic!

DoublClik said...

Hahaa, Cinderella's compliment...

Whats your sugar cookie recipe?!