Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Well I Think It's Fun

I have this awesome habit.  I think it's really fun and Ken is gentleman-ly enough to play along with me.

Anytime we pass a housing subdivision and there is the big stone wall with the name on it...  i.e.  Shadow Park, The Cedars, Mountain View Manors, Mountain Brook.  I always ask Ken, "If you developed a subdivision what would you call it?"  And I ponder my own query.  I'd like to think I wouldn't name it something as gay as the ones I see around here.  I can never think of one.  And I give it a lot of serious thought.  (Because I am just this close to buying several thousand acres of real estate and developing mansions on them... so the name has got to come quick.) Ken just gives silly answers that I know he wouldn't REALLY use.  Like Badger Rendezvous and Grand Teton Homes of the Tetons of Eastern Idaho.  I used to make fun of Eastern Idaho because everything and every shop had either Teton or Eastern Idaho or both in the name.  Not very creative.

My obsessive little habit doesn't end there.  I catch myself doing it with everything!

If you owned an apartment complex what would you name it?
It you were a radio DJ what would your on air name be?
If you started your own Garden Nursery what would it be called?
If you invented and designed your own car what would you call it?
If you were a rapper what would people call you?

I think it's important to take these things and ponder them in our hearts.
Wait for that revelation.
And if you can't think of anything....  if you have a stupor of thought.... call Ken-Bob. 
He's got an answer for everything.


Kar said...

Ken really does have an answer for everything. He thinks on his toes, that man. I think your habit of asking these things is thought-provoking and fun. Way better than chatting about the weather.

DoublClik said...


1. Noir Blanc Square
2. "Hey Hey Whats Shakin, It's Suga Suga on the line we playin' all the hits for you tonight"
3. Sprout
4. The Prestine (say it in a low man voice)
5. Jigga What