Monday, March 5, 2012


Every year I take it upon myself to award my fellow bloggers.  I'm normally really super ultra great about it and do it in January... after warning you in December that they are coming and giving you plenty of time to suck up to me.  Or send gifts and other forms of bribery.
This year, the gash dern producers went on strike- so we're a little behind. 

I welcome you all to the Kodak Theater.  And I hope none of you turn up on the Worst-Dressed List... but undoubtedly one of you will.  Critics are harsh.  And skinny eyebrows are totally out.  (Which, as a sidenote, is why I am trying to grow my eyebrows out....and they look--- spooky.)

This years categories are:

Best Commenter.  A repeat from years gone by.  But we all love comments.  They make us feel cool and important.  And no one recognizes the commenter.  So, raise your pickets, Commentors!  Stand!  Be recognized!

Never Negative.    I fully believe in writing whatever you want.  If your pissed off about something you should be able to say it on your blog without a bunch of SAHMs (stay-at-home-moms) getting on your back about it.  Sometimes it feels good not only to write about crap-filled days but it's refreshing to read about them too.  (Try using refreshing and crap in a sentence.  Difficult.)  And on the other hand there a days when I don't want to hear about other people's problems.  Days when I have no sympathy left in my heart... and there's always a blog to go to that's Never Negative.

Should Have Invented Pintrest.  I don't have a Pintrest account.  I have to call one of my sisters when I want to try to find something on there.  But it's apparently a life-changer.  And this award goes to the blogger who must have inspired the Pintrest owners to start.

That's What I Was Going To Say.  Do you ever read a post and want to say something but it's just _________?  So right-on. They said it all.  And not only was everything said, it was said with a sense of humor, in "your voice,"  without you even knowing you wanted to say it.  Am I getting too transcendent? 

Biggest Up and Coming I'm giving this award to the blog that I am putting all my bets on.  They are going to sky-rocket.  And I want to be the first one to say, "I told you so."

Explosion Fest 2011  Will be awarded to the blog the went from zilch to ZAM! *snaps* like that.  And there doesn't seem to be a rear view mirror attached.  Watchout.

Wish I Could Be That Blogger  Pretty self-explanatory there.


Let's begin.

Best Commenter:
(Runner-Up: SkippyMom at I Make Soap)

Opens envelope.  Well!  No surprise, here!  For the 3rd year running the Best Commenter Award goes to Kar's Kith and Kin!
(Wild Applause)
Kar comments on every post.  No matter what.  She has something to say about it.  And it is funny and endearing.  There was a little gap when she was in China and the Internet was illegal or something... but every blogger hopes for a commenter like Kar.  (And she gives killer speeches at the Bloggie Awards.)

Never Negative:
(Runner-Up:  Tiffany)

Audience awaits with baited breath as I open envelopeCOURTNEY!  Come on down!
(Camera scans losers faces... none too happy.)
Courtney gets her ups and downs.  Things don't always go well for her.  She has bad days and admits she doesn't live in Pleasantville.  Though she could've fooled me.  But even after a ranting post when you think she's defeated... she'll leave you smiling- with some upbeat quote.  Or a smiley face.  Or her own sentiment about life being a roller coaster and she's in the front seat.  She's just plain satisfied with her life.  She is literally Never Negative.  It's... something to reach for.  For sure.

Should Have Invented Pintrest.

Without even a runner-up- this award goes to Melissa.  Wow.  Have you stalked her blog.  She's who gives Martha Stewart her inspiration.  Her ideas, creativity, and skill set are out-of-this-blogosphere.  I mean, this girl has a vision in her head and MAKES IT!  From scratch!  Whether it's a new twist on an old dinner, baby bibs/clothes/accessories/toys, tree skirts, hairbands, bracelets, calendars, fitness routines.  I mean- she made her own SKINNY JEANS for crying out loud!  And, I don't need to mention (but I will) she's the picture of fashion, class, and beauty.  If I had a Pintrest account... it would just have "Melissa."  That's my end all and be all.

That's What I Was Going To Say.

Julianna.  Every time she posts (which is getting closer to everyday... way to go!) I say to myself (though out loud) "I was going to blog about that."  My post would never have been as good or witty or well-put... or obviously as original.  But- I admire her writing style.  It's clean and honest.  Julianna is funny and makes you feel like you're sitting there drinking Cokes with her... since you grew up together and know absolutely all there is to know about one another.  She's a strangerfriend.  And she's always taking the words out of my mouth.

Biggest Up and Coming

Andrea at DoublClik has got.  It.  Going.  On.  An amazing photographer, a PhotoShop whiz, one of my personal fashion icons, and not too shabby on her "Editor's Notes."  Which is how she ends each post.  The girl is solid gold.  You will find her talented, uninhibited, and your new "must-stop" every time she posts.

Explosion Fest 2011

I'm giving this one to Julie at Chris Loves Julia.  And, yeah, she's my sister- and boo hoo go cry about it.  I can give my Bloggies to whomever or whoever or whomever I please.  Even if she wasn't my sister- she'd have gotten it.
Her blog has flown off the charts.  She's gained a ton of followers!  Like a hundred times as many as I have.  (not literally... but close.) She's been recognized on other blogs, DIY sites, and has done some amazing things with her home and her blog.  Her style is completely her own.  Though, many seem to be copying it.  The girl is an artiste.  And her blog is her palette.  Well- sorta.  That sounded good... but I think her house is her palette.  And she really is an artist, so she has real palettes for palettes.  And she also does these chalkboard drawings... so a chalkboard is her palette too.
Congratulations Julie!

Wish I Could Be That Blogger

Winner? Ru.  Hilarious.  Writes true things in a funny way and makes you like her more.  She doesn't delve into her personal life- which is a welcome reprieve.  It's flat out her opinions in the funniest form imaginable.  Add her to your daily scan.  You won't regret it.

Well!  That wraps up another year!  I'm glad you all came.  If you could just fold your chairs up and put them against the wall that'd be great.  And don't forget to grab a cup of punch and some of that good mint and nut mix I made for refreshments.

And I apologize for not having any cool buttons for you to display on your blogs.  I don't have a Mac.  And I'm not really great at making edgy buttons and awards.  So just carry this honor in your heart whydon'tcha.



Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Oh Patty Patty Patty! I think you have me mistaken for someone else!! haha You made my whole year. No one ever says as many nice things about me as you do (not even my family!) Thanks Lady, and just know that I am smiling REAL big right now, fur reals. :)

Natalie said...

boo hoo, and I got all dressed up in my Jason Wu finest just for these awards. Maybe next year. I really wanted to add an award to my blogging repertoire. Maybe if you gave the an award to the laziest blogger I might have a chance!

Julianna said...

Awe! I feel so Loved! But, I had nothing prepared...

*clears throat*

I'd like to thank my boys for always making me crazy. My husband confirming my suspicions that boys never really mature past the age of 14. The cat for once again ridding himself of that pesky fur ball on my brand new WHITE bed spread this morning....

and everyone else who wasn't careful enough and now has ended up in my blog. :)

Thanks you!

(she walks off stage, to her kitchen grabs a Diet Coke, and vaguely remembers that she was supposed to pick someone up from school.)

Poulsen Family said...

I didn't even have time to dress up! But I CAN'T be negative about it, with all the pressure you just put on me now :)

I'm still not sure how I've got you fooled to give me such an award?! I kind of take the award as a challenge. . . prove to you I'm not all honky dory all the time. Though, I will say this, gratitude plays a big part in attitude. And I'm truly grateful for this award. Thanks for the compliment.

Ru said...

Hahaha, this is so great! I'm doubly flattered because my blogging has been so sporadic for the last month :)

Kar said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Thanks for still honoring me in this category, despite China's special bans on all kinds of internet stuff. I'm excited to check some of these other blogs out. I might have to make a Bloggies post soon....

Chris Loves Julia said...

Yes! Yes! YES!! This has been a big year for our still very little blog. We accept this Bloggie with all our hearts!