Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flickr Tag

Okay, newbies. Apparently "Bloggers" play tag. And they ask each other questions and have to respond in their own blog. This one is Flickr Tag. ( is a photgraphy website.) This is so much fun- but time consuming. I spent my whole lunch hour. Am I a loser? Maybe.

Directions: Type the answer to each of the following questions into Flickr Search. Pick an image that comes up - it has to be on the first page of results. Then post the pictures with each question and answer.

1. First name:Patty (I think this little doll baby has some serious Patty-tude!)

2. Favorite Food: Tacos. I would skip the tomatoes... and add olives. Ken and I accidentally stumbled upon "jalapeno olives." When your mouth stop watering get to Albertson's and get some. Wow.

3. High school I went to: Thomas Jefferson High School. I can't believe no one on Flickr has ever taken a picture of my dear Alma Matter! What the H??

4. Favorite color: Yellow. Both peaceful and powerful.

5. Celeb crush: Phil Mickelson. It all started with that commercial for California when he says, "we're just a bunch of pencil pushers." I la-hove (!!!) that commercial. Does Ken love it? Not so much.

6. Favorite drink: Shirley Temples! Ken's dad makes them for us pretty much every time we go over there. It makes dinner more fun!

7. Dream vacation: Italy.

8. Favorite dessert: Caramel Cheesecake! Oooo! They added pecans. That would be delicious.

9. What I want to be when I grow up: School bus Driver. Ken thinks this is completely absurd. But, I remember my bus driver. Alice. She drove #2. I loved her. And she always made it seem like she loved me. There is a special connection between driver and passenger on an Elementary School bus. This picture pretty much sums up what most of us remember of our bus drivers.

10. What I love most in life: Being Loved. I feel loved from so many places and people. It makes everything else seem incredibly insignificant.

11. One word to describe myself: Free. I know there is nothing I can't do. Nothing to hold me back. I'm free.


Karlenn said...

Yay for Flickr tag! That was so much fun for me to do, too. I'm glad you like to do tags. Some people are very grumpy, so I never tag anyone anymore. I'm tired of getting yelled at! And I'm jealous that you're "free." I'm in kiddie-bondage! Someday I won't be, but for now, I am my kids' prisoner. Oh well. :)

Sean and Rachel Edwards said...

Ha! Found your blog! Apparently all you need to do is google Patty and Ken, Idaho Falls. Pretty easy. Anywhoo we seriously had such a fun time last night. When can we do it again???