Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gloves are On.

I'm not a confrontational person. I'd go as far as to say- I avoid it. It makes me uncomfortable. But last night the last straw was drawn.

I came home from work and running a couple errands and got the mail. Pretty routine. In the bottom of our mailbox was a newspaper article from the Post Register entitled "Caring For Pets." It was in the YourVIEWS section of the paper and was written by Angela Jones of Idaho Falls. I don't know Angela but allow me to share the column with you:

"What is it with some dog owners? I am beginning to think that many of them are deaf! In our neighborhood, there is never a moment when you can't hear at least one or two dogs barking. We are dog owners ourselves, and our dogs spend the majority of their time outside but they don;t bark 24 hours a day like so many of the other dogs in the area. All it takes is a little time and attention. If a person wants a pet, why not take care of it? What's the sense in having a dog if it's going to continually be on the end of a chain or locked up in a little pen? What did they do to deserve that kind of treatment? I wish people would take having a pet more seriously, and if they choose to take on the responsibility, they should treat that pet as a part of the family. Would you allow your children to stand outside screaming at the top of their lungs for hours on end or chain them up so they only have a few feet in which to run around or put them in a tiny pen where they have to sleep and eat in the same place they go to the bathroom? I don't think so! You'd go to jail if you did, and it should be the same consequence for a pet!"

Needless to say I was pissed. Not only that, I knew who put this in my mailbox. Rachel. Rachel is a bit of a meddler. The first summer we had Rusty she called the cops because he was disturbing the peace. We were home- and he wasn't. 3 times Ken and I have been in the yard and she's cornered us about how noisy he is. Yet, we never seem to notice his obsessive barking. For those of you who know Rusty, and I think most of you do, you know he is spirited. He has a big heart and lots of love. He shows this love by a warm sometimes over abundant welcoming at the door and his constant desire to be next to you. But you also know that Ken and I are not abusive people. Rusty is well-fed, well-exercised, and well-loved. SO this article enraged me.
Before confronting the demon across the way I decided to do a little investigating. I went to every one of my neighbor's homes. Some of whom I have never really been to before. I simply asked for a report on Rusty for his "obedience classes." Rusty already did obedience school but it's the only thing I could think of. I went to 7 houses. All of them said the same thing. "Oh, Rusty! He's so sweet. My kids love him. The only time I hear him bark is when the mailman comes" "Oh, Rusty! What a dog! Lays there all day! Does bark at the mailman though." "I like having Rusty next door. He knows all of us and lets me know when a stranger is in the neighborhood." I had my ammunition.
After a quick pep talk, I marched my little buns over to Rachel's house, newspaper article in hand. Boy she did not know what was coming to her.
She answered the door. I held up the article.

P: Did you put this in my mailbox?
R: Um...
P: Did you put this in my mailbox?!
R: Yes, I did.
P: Why? Why didn't you just call me?
R: I didn't have your phone number.
P: That's *bologna. You could have knocked on my door. You obviously know where I live. What do you have against Rusty anyway? It's been this way since we got him.
R: He barks all the time! You don't know! You neglect him! You work and don't know what he is like?
P: Really? He barks all the time, huh? Well, I asked every single person in the culdesack and everyone across the street from us and no one else seems to share your opinion, Rachel! So what's the deal?
R: Well, they're just trying to be nice- because I've talked to all those people too and they all told me that he barks when the mailman comes.
P: Yeah. He does. He's a dog. All the dogs in our neighborhood bark at the mailman. It's in their nature.
R: Well you guys neglect him and he barks all night.
P: Wrong. Every night at 5:30 I am home. Rusty comes inside. He's with us all night. He sleeps indoors in the room right below me and Ken. Believe me I am very aware of when he is awake. You need to stay the "h"* out of our business Rachel!
R: As an animal lover and a member of this community I think it is my business when I am trying to read and your dog is barking for 4 or 5 hours at a time.
P: You're lying to me Rachel. Rusty does not bark for hours on end. You know you're lying to me. And guess what? We're not moving! We're not getting rid of Rusty! Live with it. And! In the future- if you think he is barking incessantly, CALL ME! Don't put articles in my mailbox! Don't talk to Ken! You... talk... to me.

That shut her up! Oh it felt so good! I felt liberated! We're the youngest people on our block and I think Ms. Rachel thought she could pick on us and bully us and get away with it. Not this time around. Think again. It's given me the biggest high. I've been listening to Jock Jams ever since and looking for the next injustice to fight.

*Words have been changed for sensitive readers.


J n J Foster said...

Ah... that is classic. We love it.

Natalie said...

You inspired me to pull out my Jock Jams and try to find someone to pick a fight with too, BOOYA, watch ya self!!!!!! DONT MESS WITH NATTY PAT'S

Karlenn said...

Holy crap!! Good for you! Oh my gosh, I can't believe you yelled at her face! That is incredible! She sounds like a really big bitty. And I really have to know what the * words were. Seriously. I expect a full report when we drop off our kids on Friday.

Karlenn said...

Oh, dude, and I told Ben you have a crush on that golfer dude, and he laughed and laughed. :)

Heath Family said...

Lainey saw that picture of Rusty and said, "Doggy, cuuute!"

And I thought we had bad neighbors...way to go girl! That woman needed someone to tell her what was up. I would've been swearing too. So rude of her!