Monday, November 29, 2010

Breaking the Sabbath

The Kenster, the Kolester, and I like to take Sunday drives.  More so before the Big Chill and more MORE so before the snow.  I'd say it was 3 weeks back and the boys and I decided to take one of our drives.  Kolester dozed off as usual leaving a vacancy in his part of the conversation.  When the drive was drawing to an end Ken said, "You know what I could go for?"  "What?"  "A glazed donut."  Mmmkay.  Ken looked at me all sly and smiley as if to ask.... 'Can I have one even though it's Sunday?'  I reminded Ken that it 'twas the Sabbath.  His argument was that it was past sunset (okay Tevye) and he had cash.  Cash is untraceable after all. There would be no proof of the act. 
We stop at a truck stop and Ken hands me 5 one dollar bills.  My instructions were to get a box of Hostess Old Fashioned Glazed Donuts.  Why I had to go in and get them?  Eh?  Don't know.  I go in and find them.  There is an orange sticker on the box advertising 2/$5.  Good deal.  They only had one box left and I only had five dollars. No change for tax.  I figure If it's two for five... one should be $2.50.  Maybe $3.50 since the sticker signifies... a "special."  Four bucks should be enough for the donuts.  I'll get a lottery ticket too. 
I go to the check-out and am greeted by a woman who has been smoking for way too much of her life.
"Is this it, honey?"
Can I say that I hate when people call me honey.  Especially at retail places.  They say it like I am too young to be shopping.  Like I am going to take a bunch of crumpled up dollars out of my pocket and drop some change trying to put it all on the counter.  I was so offended by her calling my "honey"  I just nodded.
"Oookay... that's $6.84," the teller told me.
I looked down at my five dollars.  Tried to do the math in my head.  A box of donuts and a lotto ticket can't be $6.84.
"Are you sure that's right?  Did you ring something up twice?"
"I didn't ring anything up wrong."
"Ok. I have to go get some more money."  I explain as I back away from the counter... sheepishly.
I was called honey for a good reason I guess. 
I head back to the car and ask Ken for more dollars.  He had the same question I had Why is it so much money? 
I got a couple more dollars and went back in to confront the teller.  Have a mentioned my outfit?  Furry blue socks, Crocs, Ken's gray sweatpants, a Utah Jazz t-shirt, and I was sans bra.
"Hi.  I have more money.  I just don't understand though.  The donuts were two for five.  So one at the most is probably what... $3.50?  And the lotto tickets is a dollar with no tax.  At the most I see this purchase being $4.50.  How did you get $6.84?"
"I rang it up and the machine said $6.84."
"May I please see the screen?"
"I just don't see how this all adds up."
"If you have the money to pay for it, why does it matter?"
"Because I don't want to give you money for nothing."
"Rest assured honey I don't get any of this money."
I sighed and handed over the $7 only because I knew that was the only way to see my receipt and prove to this woman that I was getting ripped off.
She gave me my change and told me to have a nice day.  No receipt.
"Can I have my receipt please?"
"The machine's out of paper honey."
One more honey to rub it in.  Ugeeh.     
I still can't believe it I paid six dollars and eighty-four cents for a box of glazed donuts and a lottery ticket.  My math says that I paid five eighty-four for a box of donuts.  Which is more than it would have been for 2 box of donuts!  I was totally ripped off.  Totally!

I guess that's what you get for breaking the Sabbath.


Karlenn said...

Pats, you should write a book. You're a good writer. This is a funny story. And the donuts - highway robbery! I kind of like it when people call me "honey." Like I'm young and cute.

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I say if she wouldn't let you see the screen then she is totally guilty of double charging you and pocketing the change...seriously! SO lame!

Anonymous said...

I would've walked away. I bet she did charge you double, how annoying! Maybe that will teach Ken not to shop on Sunday, no matter what he's craving. Haha:)

Brett and Tiffany said...

Funny, funny! I love those kind of donuts! Sorry I didn't call you on the day after Thanksgiving to go to lunch. We actually started shopping at midnight and shopped all night until 11:30 the next day, but by then we were back in Rexburg. We didn't stop and have lunch...only breakfast at 6:30 @ McDs. I didn't think you would appreciate a call at 6:30 for a sausage biscuit! I still would love you to come up sometime soon! Call me!

Chris-baby + Jules-a-bug said...

Oh I want a donut. Hahaha. It's not Sunday, it's just COOOLLLLDDD outside and I can't make myself brave it.

Will and Emily Empey said...

oh my heck!! SHE SOOOO DOUBLE CHARGED YOU! I would be TICKED! I wouldnt get them! i would say If you areNOT going to let me see the screen we will go get donuts elsewhere! Sheesh-- you should said Go To Hell HUNNY!