Monday, November 22, 2010

The Sickling

...uh.... that's me.

I don't have the seasonal flu, or some bug zapping around.  I've been seriously out of it.  And by out of it I mean blacking out of it.  It started two weekends ago.  Ken came home but I just couldn't get the ball rolling.  I was really dizzy.  I tried taking a couple naps.  Ken figured I was suffering from "severe fatigue."  As if regular fatigue wasn't severe enough.  During the week with him being gone... I ebbed and flowed.  By Thursday I was not doing well and on Friday I could hardly pick up the babe.  Ken came home and I told him i was dizzy still.  He said I must be tired.  I don't understand his logic.  I've been tired before and have never experienced dizziness with it.  I was considering checking into Dr. Plumb's facility with Lucille 2.  This vertigo.  I made it until Sunday night when I decided to break down and go seek professional help.  I gave the doctor my list of ailments:

I'm dizzy.
I keep blacking out.
I feel like I have to throw up all the time.
I am very weak.
My back hurts.
My stomach hurts.
I can't eat anything.
I'm taking a lot of Immodium (hint, hint)
I feel like I am having contractions.

"Do I have stomach cancer?"  I was so sure of it.  I was sure I had like diabetes or stomach cancer or an ulcer or hypoglycemia.  I had never felt this sick before. 

"It sounds like you're dehydrated."

"No.  I drink lots of water since I am am nursing."

"How much is lots?"

"8 glasses a day."

"You're dehydrated.  I'm going to hook you up to an IV."

I was so embarrassed.  I got a bunch of sugar water pumped into me and felt worlds better.  I went home and Ken was all hoity toity and 'I told you so.'  I guess I married a doctor.  The doctor did tell me to drink at least twice as much water as before and he wrote me a prescription to relax.  On doctor's orders.  So, last night I took a long shower (drank some water) while ken get Kole into bed.  We watched Christmas Vacation (drank some water) and went to bed early (drank some water.)  Today Koley and I slept in until 9.  We read two Dr. Seuss books, drank some water,  looked through a Land's End catalog, drank some water, played peek a boo, drank some water, made funny faces in the mirror, and drank some water.  It's now 11 and I am still in my snow leopard pajamas (drinking water).  No bra (drinking water).  Eating CocoWheats (drinking water).  Listening to Christmas songs (drinking water).  I'm considering doing some online Christmas shopping... but I don't want to over do it.


Chris-baby + Jules-a-bug said...

Hahaha...OHHH Patty. Oh Bother. I remember the first few months of nursing, as soon as I started I thought I was dying of thirst! I needed water so bad. And now I am still nursing (almost as much, hmm) and that feeling is gone. I better get to drinking my water. Even after hearing that story, and knowing I am probably dehydrated--Chris would STILL make me go to the doctor. :)

Karlenn said...

Whoa, that is a whole lotta water. Vertigo is THE WORST. Maybe I got vertigo a few years ago because I was dehydrated. You never know. Arrested Development makes it seem like it's really funny, but it's soooo far from funny. It makes you wish for death. I'm so glad the doc figured it out.

Brett and Tiffany said...

Glad you are feeling better! Wish we could have seen you today, but our roads are so blown in! You would have never made it! Enjoy drinking water and relax!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Being dehydrated is scary! Andy was really dehydrated once and we didn't know what was going on! Glad you are feeling better, your R&R is much deserved and sounds like my kind of R&R :) Glad you are feeling better, and hydrated!

Azúcar said...

You had me at "Retired at 26."

Natalie said...

you let them girls hang!