Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post Election Day

Today was Election Day. I wore my VOTE necklace. It's so trendy and hip. I got that necklace when I came back from Germany. October 2004. My mom (and sisters I believe) were trying to teach me how to shop. The biggest rule I needed to quit breaking was "Buy essentials." Get a great pair of dark jeans, a go-to pair of khakis, a knock 'em dead pair of boots. A denim fitted jacket and a white and a black sweater turtle neck. Start working from there. They told me to quit buying the latest fashion. Buy something you can wear for more than a couple months. We went to the mall and what do I buy? I necklace that says "Vote." Talk about a temporary accessory. But, I wear it once a year.

That once a year was today. Here's my beef with election day. I went to the school, I waited in line, and I voted. I am a dag gum American after all. I guess it's not the actual day of November 2nd that eats me it's all the before and all the after. For weeks, nay months (!), before signs are posted all over the community. People host parties where candidates comes and tell you how great they are. As the day draws closer there are radio ads with candidates promoting themselves and there are radio ads where they are putting the other guy down. I do my research. I read up on just about every one. There's all this buzzy hub bub.
Election day comes.
You vote.
The winner is announced.
And you never hear from them again.
Unless they cheat on their wife.

I would like to see a bit more follow up. Some continual campaigning. A reminder radio ad here and there letting us know what a great job they are doing. Or heck, even a thank you would be nice. Not all this, "I knew we could do it" bologna. Is that so much to ask? Am I crossing a line here?


Chris-baby + Jules-a-bug said...

I was watching a little Fox News last night. I hate politicians that try to talk like a politician. Blah.

Karlenn said...

Okay, I am so bad, but I didn't vote. First off, I've been sick and was worried that I might have to run to the bathroom every two seconds while I was there. But secondly, the people/policies I vote for never win. So why bother?? I'd like to see this Vote necklace. And I need your sisters to take me shopping and teach me stuff.

The Empey Fam! said...

ok so I LOVE reading your blog by the way! I do read it quite often i just suck at commenting! But i have to agree that you are better to read about that NieNie- NieNie is amazing but you sure know how to write! LOVE IT! And the kolester is just so dang cute!