Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Down Four.

Well I started P90X.  I shouldn't really say started because I've done it three days.  I missed yesterday and I haven't hit today yet.  So that's not looking too good.  I am in no way giving up.  After all, I just got the name down.  I used to always call it PX90.  I don't know why.  I'm still pumped up for it.
Because, according to my scale (that I don't really trust), I have lost 4 pounds.
I don't believe you can lose 4 pounds in one week doing what I did.
As mentioned, I did P90X three times.  I took walks every day.  But that wasn't anything out the normal and I ate what I wanted.  Does not sound like a recipe for weight loss.
Let's break it down.
  • P90X.  Hard.  But really entertaining for me.  That Tony Horton just cracks me up.  He says funny things without meaning to be funny.  "Are you just kicking like this?  *minikick*  Is that all your doing? Huh?  That's not working out.  That's not melting goo.  That's keeping you fat!"  I laugh right out loud.  Apparently I'm the only one who thinks he is funny.  Ken sure doesn't.  He always teases me and says I hope I got a workout in with all that laughing going on. Ken normally is upstairs. I don't like him in the room while I am attempting karate kicks that come about 8 inches off the floor.  So far the one that is most funny to me has been Cardio X.  5 stars right there!  Give it a whirl.  You'll sweat harder than you thought humans could but what a laugh you'll have!

Okay- so doesn't sound like I could have lost 4 pounds laughing at my television set.
  • Maybe walking?  I put Koley in the stroller, grab Ken, and we walk in the evenings.  We don't walk super fast or super far.  It's just walking.  I've always counted it as a way to make Koley-o tired.  Cold fresh air just wears a baby out. 
I've taken Kolester on walks pretty much every non-snowy day since he was born.  There is no reason why my body would all the sudden click and say "Oh yeah!  She's walking!  We better drop some weight!"  First, because bodies don't talk and even if they did... mine wouldn't sound like that.  Mine would be all gangsta gangsta in yer face. Up in 'ere.  And second, like just isn't that easy.
  • Finally, I ate what I wanted.  No surprise there.  I have been using MyFitnessPal.  Who I think I need to name since it seems to be a perhaps hidden and secret weapon.  I've stayed in my zone for calories... but I've eaten Oreos and egg salad sandwiches (all time fave) and corn dogs.  I mean I don't feel like I'm cutting back here.
So, what the h, right?
4 pounds in one week?
4 pounds in one week.
I know.  But I don't know.


Julia said...

4 pounds in one week! Faaannnntassstttiicccc. I think tony is pretty funny, too. I like it when he "stirs the soup" with his arm. Do your best and forget the rest!

DoublClik said...

Well heck just keep doing what you're doing! Yeah I can't diet and exercise at the same time. For me, it's gotta be one or the otha...annnnd right now its neitha!

SkippyMom said...

Hey if your scale says four pounds, then take it. :D Congrats. And I would be right there with you laughing at the TV. I find most things funny. heehee

Kar said...

Wow, Pats! Look at you!! Four pounds! I think I've probably gained four pounds just today. I've been eating like a maniac since we've been home. I'm like, "MEXICAN FOOD!!! COOKIES! PIES!!!"

brooke said...

That is awesome!! It gets easier...I have to do it early in the morning or I don't do GOOD JOB!!!