Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Our costumes were always home made.  Never store bought.  Never had a cool princess mask though there were years I wish I did.  We weren't allowed to dress up as anything scary.  (I plan on implementing this rule for my own children.)  And all 5 of us were normally dressed as the same thing.   My dad would always take us trick or treating.  My mom told us that it was rude to have a pillowcase at the door.  So we carried the little plastic pumpkins and would empty into a pillowcase dad held when our pumpkins got too full.  I think this worked to our advantage especially towards the end of the night.  People, not knowing we had just dumped, would feel bad we had empty pumpkins and really LOAD us up!  When we got home all the candy was piled on the dining room table and divided equally.  Dad would take a few samples here and there to make sure nothing was "poisoned."  I went trick or treating well in to my teen years.  I'm thinking 15 maybe 16.  And I still feel like as long as someone is dressed up.... and I mean really dressed up...  (No wearing your pajamas and saying you're a baby)... you can go trick or treating.  I'd give them candy.  heck yes.

And tonight, if you stop by, you'll be getting Kit Kats.  Ken's favorite.  I hope there's enough left for the kiddos.


Brett and Tiffany said...

Hey, your Halloweens sounded a lot like ours. My mom would drive us ALL OVER! We came home with oodles of candy. We didn't divide it equally, but our favorite part was coming home and dumping it in our piles and TRADING! ps...We are handing out Kit Kats tonight too! Have a happy halloween!

Kar said...

Dude, I know what you mean about having candy left over for the actual trick-or-treaters. Ben has been eating all of our candy for days now! I like the "no scary" rule, as well, but Ben would just die if I implemented that rule. He loves macabre stuff. He wore vampire fangs to work today. Not kidding.