Friday, February 17, 2012

When Dreams are Reality

I have to stop reading Harry Potter before bed.
I started the first one for the third time at Christmas time. 
I'm on Order of the Phoenix now.
That's book 5 for those of you who don't know or who think you're above it.  Face it:  You're not. 
For people who have read the series, do you have the same problem as me? 
Problem Being: After Harry finds himself back at Hogwarts- I feel the urge to read until I finish the book.  I mean, every free minute.  I've been knocking these out in 3 days or less.  I finish one so fast... and then take a week or two off because I want it "to last."
Anyway, my key reading time is when the Koley-mun goes to bed.  So from 7:30 to 11:30 I've been reading my Harry Potters....
and then my dreams are all effed up.

Last week I woke up (but obviously not entirely) and I was out of my covers.  I panicked because I thought, "Oh no!  Now, I'm a wizard!  I'm out of my covers!  They're coming to get me!"  I suppose I thought the Ministry of Magic was after me?  I lulled back to sleep... woke up again... this time in my covers.  "Good.  Still human."  I woke up like 8 times that night and evaluated my existence as human or wizard based on whether or not I was on top of my covers or under them.

Then, last night.  I had this dream that me and my two sisters, Julie and Andi, were searching for Giants, in order to convince them to join Dumbledore.  And the giants were also looking for us.  To eat us.  My sisters and I were trying to get down this cliff covered in really thick vines and branches.  The cliff went straight into a river.  I don't know what our plan was when we hit water....  Julie was in the front and she froze and pleaded, "Go back!  Go back!"  I was all stuck in these branches (must of been Devil's Snare) and couldn't move.  Julie was climbing over me saying she saw one and we were in trouble.  We couldn't find our wands.  I looked to where she could have seen a giant and saw Santana (from Glee) in a wheelchair sitting by the river with a pair of binoculars.  She was scoping us out.  I told Julie that was Santana and she was singer and not a giant.  Julie just said "Polyjuice!"  Her and Andi were already so far up and I was stuck there.  No wand.  In Devil's Snare.  Facing a giant disguised as Santana...

I sat up in bed and my heart was really hurting.  I was breathing hard.  Basically, freaking out in real life.  Well... "real life" in the sense that I was technically awake but my brain wasn't actually functioning yet.  My first thought was, "Where's Hermione?"  Then I shook my head and said out loud, "That was a dream.  You don't need Hermione."  To which my inner brain responded, "Stupid Muggle.  You're just like the Dursley's."

So, yeah.  Might be time to lay off the HP before bed.
Harry Potter just seemed the happier alternative to Breaking Bad
Which put my dream-related-stress off the charts.


Chris Loves Julia said... wasn't a dream.


Patty said...

Ha! Oh Julie!

Kar said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny. I get entirely too attached to books, which is why I often don't repeat read them. I had a hard time after finishing the last HP book. I missed it so badly. And I went into severe depression after finishing the Twilight series (don't make fun of me) - "Real life is so boring compared to those books. Real life sucks. My relationship sucks. Why can't Ben and I be like Edward and Bella? I miss Alice so much. Why can't she be real and be my real friend?" Talk about effed up.

DoublClik said...

Man I had like no part in that dream except the third wheel. I know you've been watching Glee though!