Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I'd like to start this post by welcoming Megan, our newest follower, aboard.
Hello, Megan.  Glad you could make it.  Refreshments will be served after the closing prayer.

When we woke up on Saturday it was so warm and sunny out.  It smelled like wet dirt.  Which equates to Spring in my mind. After Ken whipped up some apple pancakes (I'm spoiled.  Spoiled.  I know.  Spoiled.  Spoiled.  Spoiled.) I talked him into going to the zoo after Koley-Doo's nap.  I just wanted to be out in the fresh air.  Sometimes I feel like my lungs and whole body need an internal spring cleaning.  And I'm not into those colon cleanses... so I'll take breathing in a day with temps in the 50s. 
We headed to the zoo as the sky clouded up.  "It'll stay warm.  Don't worry."  I tried assuring Kenner and Koley.... I mean Ken was in shorts.  My only option of warmth was the fleece zip-up I tossed in the back seat. 
By the time we got to the zoo... the wind had kicked up a little.  And, let me tell ya, it wasn't blowing in from the Caribbean either.  It was chilly.  On the upside- the zoo was not crowded.  At all.  We got primo parking and great views of every animal. 
We even let Kole ride the train.  It was my first time on the train too and I loved it!  I got a thrill out of being on a ride and not having to wear a seat belt.  There is absolutely no danger in this train.  I mean you could pretty much step off while it's moving and walk along beside it... but that lack of seat belt really gave me an adrenaline high!
The train was our last stop of the day.  Seeing as the temperatures had dropped significantly.
It started snowing on our drive home.
So we stopped at Maverick for some Kettle-Cooked Jalapeno Chippies!
That'll warm you up!

Giraffes always remind me of Aunt Betsy and Julie.

I really wish Ken would have told me my t-shirt was all rolled up in my fleece.
I hate that wide-crotch look.

Ditto wide-crotch statement.

Koley was very excited waiting for the train.

He really only liked the animals that were smaller than him.


DoublClik said...

Ah! that last one is so good!! I love his little rosy cheeks and nose...And I laughed out loud when you said it was snowing on the way home! Lol I know it didnt happen but Im going to picture all 3 of you on a blanket with it hardly staying on the ground because of the wind, trying to force a spring picnic

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the Hogle Zoo! The boys ask to go back there ALL the time!! Glad you had a fun day at the zoo!:)

Kar said...

I love that last picture. Soooo sweet. Soooooo...you're 20 weeks now....when are you going to find out the sex of your baby??? Soooo excited!

Julianna said...

I love the zoo. So fun! the last one we went to was the National Zoo iun Washington DC. The pandas are fantastic.