Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Now that I Know, I'm Happier.

We're having another boy and I am so relieved!
Aside from having gads of little boy clothes, stacks of blue blankets, tons of trucks and dinosaurs... I just feel more confident knowing another boy is on the way.
Like, I already had a boy.  I already know what to do with a boy.
Hear me out.
If a baby boy is crying, from my experience, he needs something.  Diaper change, food, sleep, snuggle, maybe he can't reach an itchy spot on his back... I mean it'll be something.  And, this whole time, I couldn't help but think... if a baby girl is crying... does she really need something or is she just having a bad day.  Is the little lady just feeling emotional?  How would you ever know?
Then there's the hair issue.  You've all seen Koley's wild and woolly mane.  It's untameable.  And, lucky for me, the tussled look looks adorable on a toddler boy.  But put those same nappy locks on a girl and you instantly think "negligent mother."  I don't know how to fix hair.  Not my own- and certainly not a baby's!  I know there are YouTube tutorials and books.  I've tried with my own hair.  I've watched the videos and I can successfully do a ponytail, some hair up and some hair down, and just plain down.  Although I can part on either side.  Or down the middle. 
Then, THEN!  There is when a girl would grow up and... you know... develop.  And start her period and all that.  I am not wanting to talk about that or teach that to anyone. 
I admire the mothers of girls.  They are far braver than I.
More confident.
More in control.
More motherly.

I'm sticking to what I know.  And happy to be doing so.
I'm happy It's A Boy.

He's measuring big.  Again.  99.5 percentile.  Weird they have those markers for even unborn babies.  The tech said they'd probably take the critter a couple weeks early so we don't have another giant baby.
Even though I really like giant babies, they are quite difficult to deliver.
And we've already picked out the name.
I'm not telling what it is- but I'll let you guess.
His initials will be:


DoublClik said...

Hope it ain't Jack.

Holli Fuhriman said...

Justin Bieber Poulson!! Just kidding! It was the first thing that popped into my head. Sad huh? Congratulations! I agree that boys are easier for the first little while at least!

Patty said...

Andi: Not Jack... though I had to talk Ken out of it.
Holli: Oooo! Maybe he should switch it! Koley is such a fan of the Biebs... he'd love a little brother bearing the name.

Julianna said...


I too was relieved, as I never wanted a girl. :) And after two boys, I remember baby sitting my niece, changing her diaper, and actually being surprised thinking, "WHOA! something's missing here"


Chris Loves Julia said...

Ahhh! The "J" has me all GIDDY!

Anonymous said...

Joseph Byron Poulson:) I'm not sure if I'm being seious or not lol. I'm glad you found out it's a boy. I'm glad I had boys too, although I really wouldn't mind a girl.

Brett and Tiffany said...

My guess is James Blair names? Am I right? Do I win something? Maybe my prize could be you coming to visit me and have nachos! Heehee!

Kar said...

Hahaha! Holli, you're funny!!! And Patty, I laughed so hard when you wrote "period" in little writing. Hahaha! That's awesome! It's true; girls are a totally different beast. I've found that, with my boys, I can be like, "Cut it out." And they do. Or don't. But with Sadie (and I know Nat feels this way about Ivy), if I just look at her funny, it's this huge emotional meltdown. I so don't have the patience to deal with that.

johnandjana said...

Congrats Patty and Ken. Another boy will be fun. They will love playing together and be such good buddies. I also thought of James Blair Poulsen after a great grandfather. Can't wait to hear.