Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Christmas break was too much fun.  Why do I call it "Christmas Break" when I am home all day every day?  Because it felt so different.  It felt p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

After Les Miserables.


Andi went through my closet and showed me my possibilities!

And how to do a sock bun.

 And now, everyone has gone home, Andi's not sleeping in my living room anymore, the tree is down, both boys are sick, and my calendar is just a bunch of empty squares.  For all of 2013.
I think I need to downgrade my resolution list.
"Go to the Gym" that's lofty.
How bout... "Put on a bra and real clothes."
"Do a daily project with Kole."  Psht.  I was dreaming.
How bout... "Set train up."
"Drink more water."  Why?
How bout.... "Pace yourself on that 12 pack of Coke."

We did make a milk carton bird feeder yesterday.  That was fun.
No birds are eating from it.  That is sad.
Ken went to the gym last night.  He's  really good at sticking to things.
Tonight it will be my turn to go to the gym.  I got really fat over Christmas my lifetime.
And today I just feel like staying fat.
I think this is called The Doldrums.


vicks27 said...

You're not fat! You're beautiful! And you're doing great :) we loved seeing you

Kar said...

Hahaha! "my lifetime." You crack me up. You are noooooot fat. No siree. That was so my sisters and I when we got out of Les Mis. Red-eyed and puffy. It was a killer. A good killer.