Thursday, January 31, 2013

You Can't Believe Everything You See on Pinterest

  So Ken is getting skinny and I'm not.  He has dropped 7 pounds since Christmas.  Putting him 2 pounds about his "Marriage Weight."  I not sure why that is... but it seems that after you get married... you constantly look back to your marriage weight.  Maybe because you see the pictures and you look so young and thin and lively.  (Kids will kinda suck all that out of you.)  My problem is I'm not sure what I weighed when I got married. (and I've been drinking a lot of pop and eating a lot of snacks and blaming it on "stress."  Which should really just be called over-eating.) I didn't have a scale back then.  But looking at before and afters... I'd say I was 25 pounds less than what I am now.
  I have no desire to be 25 pounds lighter.  I don't want to just up and float away after all.  But I do need to get some exercise.  I think it'll help me feel better about winter.  I just hate winter.  All I do is sit down.  My whole body feels heavier.  I think my blood starts to solidify. And all my joints fill in with apathy. 
  Last weekend my sister was over and she was saying the sure fire way to lose weight would be to start a "Work Out/Lose Weight Blog."  Then you have to do it.  Your readers would be depending on you to post about it.  I think that would work for her.  Because Julie is super responsible and enjoys working out.  My blog would have 2 posts about hot I went to the gym and how sore I was... and then 15 posts about how I didn't go to the gym and all the good food I'd been eating and woe, woe, woe is me.
  Anyway, Ken was walking around yesterday and I was all, "Whoa!  You're looking skinny!"  He did the usual, "Me?  Really?  Nah."  Which is basically asking for more compliments and stroking and I obliged him.  He is my husband.
  Then we got to talking about how long you have to work out before there is a noticeable difference.  I told him about this picture I saw on Pinterest (from

I quoted it perfectly and was all ready to start talking about motivation and the Gym and how many miles we could run if we just pushed through and reps and workout songs. And then Ken said:
"12 weeks for the rest of the world?  How would strangers notice a change?"
"By...because...if you think about it.... .... ..... You just ruined that for me."
And I went in the kitchen, popped open a Cokey, and sulked.


Brett and Tiffany said...

I have decided it is a never-ending process! If you want to do it, go for it! I have the same struggles...I like food too much! I really do like exercising-I do zumba, but then I get hungry! That is my weakness! I need to do better! But while doing it you have to enjoy can't wait until you get to your "ideal"! Just be yourself and love life!
ps...You and Ken should go on a cruise! It was our favorite thing we have EVER DONE! We loved it!

Jeremy Bates said...

I keep my weight by walking a lot. It has been proven that a brisk walk is better than running. On quite another note, according to a Harvard Medical study, regular exercisers only live on avergae 9 months longer than couch potatoes. Hmmm. I've been needing to catch up on a lot of

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Haha You kill me. I think exercising is very important but I honestly get tired of people posting about how much they work out. I'm not sure if they want me to feel bad if I didn't do it that day or if they want to make themselves look awesome. Do it for yourself and no one else. That is all :) xoxo

Juli said...

We just got in from our LAST one mile run for the winter challenge that we are doing.

Will I still run? Yip. I want to do a 10 K in May... but let me just say that I can not wait to get up tomorrow and say "Ah... I don't have to run today!" :)

brooke said...

I think that a lot of the reason why people stop working out is because they haven't found there SOUL-MATE WORKOUT...and that's really the key. You have to find something that you LOVE to do..something that makes you want to do it. For me, its TurboFire. I love it! Its so fun...but you have to be ready for that change. I hope you find your soul-mate workout!!

Patty said...

@ Jeremy: You're right. 9 months just isn't worth it.

Kar said...

Maybe "the rest of the world" means, like, acquaintances? Because friends and family are in one group. But maybe the checker at the grocery store would be in that "rest of the world" group. I work out solely because of the endorphins. I'm tired of worrying about weight. I did those shakes for awhile and lost a little weight, and it was exciting, but then I was like, "I'm sick of shakes, dang it. I want eggs. I want a bean burrito." And I'm happier now.

Hena Tayeb said...

I've never really thought about pre- marriage weight.. I am more concerned about pre-baby weight.. good luck and maybe say goodbye to soda and hello to wonderful water.