Monday, January 28, 2013

The Effects of No Sleep

When Kole Doesn't Sleep
  • Everything is either too hot or too cold.
  • He yells loud enough to cause avalanches.  25 miles away.
  • He hits. Hard.  And oddly enough, not always people.  Sometimes he'll hit the couch or the entertainment center, or the fridge.  Which I imagine hurts.
  • He bites.  Me... but not Ken.  No never Ken.
  • He throws things.  Mostly at Joey.  I'm guessing because me and Ken move out of the way.
  • He cries about ev. er. ee. thing.
  • Whines and whines and whines and whines and whines.
  • Complains his clothes don't fit him.
  • He won't eat anything.
  • He shakes and holds his breath until he's reddish purple and then face plants onto the floor.

When I Don't Sleep
  • I can no longer stay positive and upbeat.
  • I can't even think happy thoughts.
  • I'm mostly swearing in my head.
  • I have zero ideas for things to do to teach the kids or even occupy them.
  • My bones hurt.
  • I grind my teeth.
  • I talk higher.
  • What's the word for something 10 times shorter than "short?"  THAT'S the length of my temper.
  • I want to yell and hit and bite.  Instead I get really eerily quiet and raise my eyebrows.  I keep my throat real tight and just let that anger boil in there.
  • I become a real life Crabby Patty.
When Joey Doesn't Sleep
  • He's exactly the same.


Beth Willmore said...

OK so I was totally waiting for Joey's list of crazy things when he's tired and I laughed when I saw that he's the same no matter what! You sound a lot like me, if I don't get enough sleep I am NOT a good mom to the kids. Even Jared (the man) will say to me, "babe I think you need to go take a nap." Um ya think!!!

Chris Loves Julia said...

If I am tired, I cannot stop crying. Which is why I became an emotional wreck when I had Greta.

Patty said...

@ Chris Love Julia- I forgot to put that on there! I can hold it in until like 11:00 at night and then I lose it.

Abigail said...

Patty....your list had me yelling, Me too! in my head. Seriously. I now turn on the tv while the youngest is napping so I can take a nap myself. Sometimes it doesn't really work because my 3.9 year old hates being by herself, but even just laying there with my eyes shut for half an hour sometimes helps. sometimes. What would really help is if my toddler would sleep through the night!! And if my insomnia would go away instead of making me wide awake at 8pm....