Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Las Vegas

Day 1:  I overdosed on Motion Sickness medicine and was zonked out from before we took off and far after we landed.  I was dizzy and woozy and for the second time in my life thought, I get why people are into prescription meds.  We stopped at our room just long enough to drop off our bags and we were off again.
Highlight of the day?
Dinner at Bouchon. (Boo-shawn.)
Ken had the adventurous Leg of Lamb and I had a Steak with Pommes Frites.  (aka Frenchie Fries).  I enjoyed a large salad with goat cheese, multiple pieces of braided bread, seeing how many sips of water I had to take before the waiter came over (answer:2), having the table cleaned with a razor/butter knife looking contraption when I dropped crumbs, and dining with other people who would have ridden First Class on the Titanic.  It was incredible, to momentarily, think "I've made it.  This is the good life." It was double hands slammed down the best food I've ever had.

Daily winnings: $5.

Day Two: I was flying solo.  Ken had meetings all day and I was gonna hit the strip.  All by myself.  Could not have been happier about that.  I love my Kenmo but it's been YEARS since I've been totally alone. It felt good to take a long shower and enjoy an full hour of getting ready while watching back to back episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
I took this picture even though I'm really bad at taking food pictures.  It felt so classy.  Eating crepes at The Paris while reading in a cafe.  But... one bite into my crepe I wished I would have gotten the caramel apple one.  And... since I was on vacation (not to mention a bit of a winning streak)... I threw this savory French cheese and ham one in the garbaj (<--- note the French pronunciation) and ordered me-self the Caramel Apple one.  THEN (!)  I sat there and read in the cafe while eating a really good crepe.

That night we were taken to dinner at The Palm.  Which is where Don Draper has dinner. And even though his in New York...I ordered an Old Fashioned in his honor.  And... Ken cancelled my order.  Weenie.  That night I had another steak.  What?   I'm a meatie! Steaks are delicious!  We ate with Ken's boss and I laughed so hard from stories he was telling us from college my sides hurt. And I had flourless chocolate cake... which should have been called, "Cake-Sized Piece of Fudge."  Wonderfully over the top.
Daily winnings: $9.25

We rode to the top of The Eiffel Tower.  460 feet about the strip.  Ken stayed insanely close to the inside edge and he worried I was insanely close to the outer edge.  It was gorgeous.  And the Fountains from that viewpoint were worth watching twice.

We saw a scandalously funny musical, Rock of Ages.  All power ballads and Journey and You should've been gone!  Knowing how I made you feel. I sang my heart out and left with a sore throat.  I could have been the only one singing... but I heard Ken's boss sing a bar here and there.  And I should've been gone!  After all your words of steel.  I was the first audience member up on my feet making fist pumps though.  I started something incredible.  It was fantastic.  Highlight.  Definitely.
After-Show Me...singing.... Here I go again on my oooowwn. Ba Dum BA DUM!

Going down the only road I've ever knooOOOWN!

This was walking back to our hotel (The Paris) on our last night.  We watched the fountains over and over.  And noticed that a little family of ducks lives on the 8 acre lake outside of The Bellagio... and when the fountains power up and the music starts those ducks are in a frenzied panic.  They are paddling around going Uh!  Oh! Uh! Oh! What do we do?  Where do we go?  This is getting scary?  Hold on little duckies!  Swim over here.  Oh no.  Not there.  It's too wavy.    They just panic.  And it's really cute.  But does distract a bit from the water show, unfortunately.  
Friday we slept in, knowing it was our last opportunity... for who knows how long... and lounged by the pool... and picked up some swag for the tikeys.  We ate huge salads and big cookies and read books and talked about how easy it is not having kids.  It was heavenly.  Like a drifter I was born to walk alone.  And I made up my mind.... I ain't wastin no more tiiiiime!  Those songs stick with you.  And resonate with you!  I was missing my vacation before I even left.
When we got to the airport we both started missing Koley and Joe real bad.  Ken more than me.  Wert!  I guess when you're heading home that's your only choice, right?  Look for something to look forward to.  Because there are some harsh realities in coming home:

Bathroom at The Venetian before our show.

Bathroom at The Airport before our flight.

Tomorrow's post?  What happened with Kole, Joey, and Gramma Ginger while we were away.


Juli said...

We rarely escape for more than 24 hours without the kids. We spent our honeymoon in Vegas.

It really is SO much easier when you only have to worry about yourself. :)

So glad you had a great time.

I miss Vegas.

Beth Willmore said...

I'm so happy that you guys got to have a trip just the two of you! You and Kenmo! (I can call him that right, even though I've never met him before, or you for that matter...) but I digress - that looks so fun and I'm glad you enjoyed the food for all of us moms stuck home with mac'n cheese and pb&j sandwiches.

Yay for getting ready on your own and having a day on the strip by yourself!!

DoublClik said...

I never knew about the duckiesl! Crepes in Paris just sounded divine, as done tossing it to the side and getting what you REALLY want! C'est la vie! I like what you said about looking forward to the next best thing. You're right, that's exactly what one has to do. I'm impressed with your daily earnings! Never have won more than $1 at the slots! Always wanna hit up a blackjack table and well coulda woulda shoulda! Rock of Ages sounds like SUCH a fun show, getting up off my feet and singing a long was my favorite Part of jersey boys too. Your bathroom comparison is hilar.

Julia [Chris Loves Julia] said...

Yes. Your bathroom comparison is so, so funny. Womp. Womp. I'm so glad you guys had a great time. All that wonderful food!! I actually saw an instagram of your fabulous salad in a big bowl and that is precisely what I requested for my Mother's day dinner as a result. We need to catch up, girl!!!!