Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Boys Flourished!

Right before we left.  Kole was running around telling us to "Get Out of Here!"

Koley:  Hey!  We made cookies last night, Grandma.
Grandma Ginger: we didn't.
Koley:  Oh!  Then we better make some now!

And then they made peanut butter oatmeal cookies.  The kid can play a card.

Grandma Ginger was explaining to Kole that she is my mom.  "Patty is my daughter.  I'm her Mom.  And now she's your Mom.  But first she was my daughter."  Apparently, Kole took at her with disbelief and then said:
"Yeah.  I had a daughter, too.  But she died."

So many shockers in that sentence. 

Joey wouldn't drink a bottle the whole time we were away.  But he didn't go hungry....

And Kole didn't cry the whole time we were gone.  But he got a little "defensive" on Thursday.  Telling my mom that this is his house and she should leave so Mom and Daddy can come home again.  Mom said he kept giving her a hard time and telling her to leave so she suggested they all go to the store and get a treat!  Good move, Grandma!  Kole of course loved this idea and yelled, "Yeah!  Let's go the gas station and get Cow Tales!" 

He gives away all my secrets. 

I loved that every time I called (twice a day) no one was crying.  No one was screaming.  Every one was giggling!  That made vacation more vacation-y. And my Mom kept telling me, "It's a vacation for them too."
Kole got a lesson in pic-a-nic-ing.  Aaaaand wants to have one everyday now.
Me too. I guess.

Popsicle WHILE riding his horse.  Talk about a perfect day.

Aside from absolutely no worrying, the best part was coming home and my house was super clean.  The dishwasher was empty and there were no dishes in the sink.  That... has not happened in my married life.  Then I kept finding little surprises around the house.  Our bed was fixed really well and the covers were tucked in so tight...  I love that.   A couple cans of fruit cocktail (which I la-HOVE) were in the cupboard.  I'd open a drawer in the kitchen and it would be all organized.  There were plug protectors where they hadn't been before.  Where they needed to be.  My shower drained super fast because mom took the drain off and cleared all my hair out of it.  Anytime I opened something up I was like, "Oh!  Mom did that!  Wow!"

And!  Best part.  There was a candy bar in my nightstand drawer.


~Kayla~ said...

I love that she left you a candy bar on top of it all! moms :)

Brett and Tiffany said...

Glad you got a trip...just the two of you! Those are the best! Brett and I are going to Salt Lake Friday and Saturday without our kids...can't wait! Love them, but love just being with Brett sometimes!

Beth Willmore said...

What a cute mom!!

Lucy said...

This is sure to creep you out since you don't know me, but I have been reading your blog for the longest time and LOVE it! Like seriously love it-- it is not uncommon for me to star one of your posts in google reader so I can go back and read it to my husband when he comes home from work. And usually we die laughing because you are just funny! Thank you for your great writing and your fun stories and for sharing your life with random people like me! Actually, I guess I'm not so random, but you probably wouldn't remember me-- I was a sister missionary in your Pittsburgh ward for 9 mths. I have been to dinner at your parents house-- your mom made the most fabulous spaghetti! Really, the best I've ever had. And your dad was the bishop and then later he was the ward mission leader, so we worked with him a lot then too. Is there anyone nicer than your parents? And that is why I'm choosing to finally comment on a post-- because I love this post about your sweet mom. She is a wonderful lady! Say hi to them for me...even though it's likely they won't remember me. I was Sister Clark then. Companions with Straubhaar, who they remember. Anyway...that is probably enough from me. Now that I'm out of stalking mode I may occasionally comment...I obviously know how to go on and on... :)

Juli said...

Um... can your mom come watch my kids next?

Patty said...

@ Sister Clark: Of course I remember you! (Especially after I looked at your blog.) You have a lovely hubby and two darling girlies.