Wednesday, November 5, 2008

8 Ball

Why it's not 10, I don't know. These are in no order (unless otherwise noted.)

8 Shows I Like to Watch

1. King of Queens. I just love you Doug and Kerri. You're the perfect non-perfect couple.
2. The Office.
3. Ace of Cakes
4. Top Chef. Coming back next week! I love Tom Colicchio
5. Seinfeld
6. The Sopranos. I watch it for Paulie Walnuts and Syl.
7. Home Improvement. Occasionally they'll do a marathon on ABC Family or Nickelodeon. This show is hilarious!
8. Project Runway

8 Restaurants I Like...

1. Blue Hashi
2. The Outback
3. Caputo's
4. The Thai House
5. Eat n Park
6. The Great Hunan
7. Brownstone
8. Taco Bell (I love getting the #6- chicken nacho cheese style.)

8 Things that happened yesterday...

1. Worked and got so much done
2. Planned Young Women in Excellence with Karlenn. It will be the bomb dot com.
3. Went to the Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg
4. Voted
5. Saw my mom for 2 minutes
6. Watched the election footage
7. Made scrambled eggs for dinner
8. Cleaned the kitchen

8 I things I'm looking forward to...

1. Grandma, Victor, and Victoria coming tomorrow.
2. Julie and Chris' wedding on Saturday.
3. YW in Excellence
4. Lunch with Natters tomorrow.
5. Getting my laundry done.
6. Time off
7. Top Chef starting again
8. Christmas

8 things on my wish list...

1. New work pants
2. A piano
3. Scrapbook stuff
4. The Harry Potter series
5. Money to get my teeth fixed
6. Nintendo Wii
7. A finished downstairs
8. Porsche

Thanks for tagging me Jenna. This helped with the boredom of my lunch hour!


Heath Family said...

Hope the wedding festivities go well this weekend.
Love The Office!
And Ken really needs to get you a piano for Christmas.

Karlenn said...

Patters - get your teeth fixed??? I see nothing wrong with your teeth. Perfect. White.