Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Karlenn posted some more (AND BETTER) pics of our night on the town with the girls. I had to do another post so you can truly see how friggin awesome it was.

These are the centerpieces we made. Sheree got them for her daughters wedding and packed them over to our ward building so we can use them. What a mom!

This is how we arranged the tables. Are you picking up on the killer lighting in the room? It was phenomenal.
Here's a view of the room. I am serisouly thinking of mailing all of this the New Era. Or maybe starting a business. I think there is some real talent here.

Here are the awards we gave. We ordered them off of Oriental Trading. 12 for 11 bucks! Dylan calls them Piston Cups. Karlenn made personalized labels for them. When the girls gave their "acceptance speeches" a few of them held these above their heads and thanked their parents, the academy, etc.

We even got the leaders to dress up! Don't they look killer?

Here's me. As Liza. Glam Queen. Super hot.


Karlenn said...

I love that picture of you! Sorry for the delay. I should have just e-mailed all of the pictures to you at the first. Sigh. Busy day yesterday. Today - more of the same. I have to make a million pies and a million rolls!! And I still DO NOT have a cold. :( I'm fighting it.

Gramma n Grampa said...

You guys did a GREAT JOB! Everything looks fantastic. I LOVE the lighting, stars, trophies, I LOVE it ALL!
And Liza was smokin'