Monday, November 24, 2008

For: Tiffany

Tiffany is my cousin-in-law and she always comments about how much she likes to read my blog. It makes my day. Because, deep-down, doesn't everyone love being blog-stalked? Plus, Tiffany thinks I am funny! I does put a certain amount of severe pressure on me. But I thrive under pressure. I live on a dead-line. I dedicate this tag to Tiffany.


1. One word to describe yourself: Driven

2. Two shows I love to watch: King of Queens and Wheel of Fortune. Do you know that the lightning round starts everyday at 6:49. Not 6:48. Not 6:50. 6:49. On the dot. Pat gives the wheel it's final spin.

3. Three things that attracted me to Brett: I don't know Brett all that well. Tiffany thinks he has a nice smile, writes good poems, and he is real easy-going.
I can say why I fell for Ken: He is incredibly ambitious, he's got the cutest baby-face under that scruff, and he's affectionate even when he'd rather not be.

4. What is the fourth picture in your fourth file?

This is my father in law. We were coming down off Table Rock and I couldn't seem to get my camera to work. He was ready to help out. He always is. He's an extrordianry man.

5. Five things that happened yesterday: Got to hold Micah through Sunday school, visited Phyllis, talked to my mom, watched Christmas Vacation, planned our New Years Eve Feast.

6. Six things you can't do? Wiggle my ears, watch shows about murders, watch scary movies, ride a unicycle (but I bet I could if I kept trying), cook, fit into size 10 jeans.

7. Seven people you tag?Ronald Weasley, Edward Cullen, Hermione Granger, Jack Sparrow, Princess Fiona, Lightning McQueen, and Carrie Bradshaw

8. Eight things you are looking forward to? Our trip to Boise, getting my next NetFlix, my special Christmas trip with Andi, being done with work for today, Heather's 40th birthday party, New Years Eve... alone... with Ken, finishing school, buying our piano.

There you go Tiff. I love being a part of the Poulsen family. You are friendly and fun and very warm. Thanks for being so sweet to me.


Brett and Tiffany said...

You are great Patty! Keep on being YOU!

Karlenn said...

I love that picture of Ken's dad. I thought, at first blush, that he was putting his hand up, like, "stop taking a picture of me!" You're going on a special Christmas trip with Andi? Are you going down south with her???