Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

A week ago we visited our Rexburgian friends- Sean and Rachel. In their defense, neither are actually from Rexburg. Sean is from California and Rachel is from Ohio and once upon a time we all met at Ricks. Ken and I la-hove their company. They have really strong minds. I could probably take either of them in an arm-wrestling challenge- but a spelling bee? trivia pursuit? heated debate regarding the future of our country? They've got me whipped. Me and Ken for that matter. And they are more persuasive than even they know! When we were there Sean said they don't turn their heat on until Thanksgiving. That way they have something that they are really grateful for. (I'm sure they are grateful for many other things as well.) So... life goes on and I didn't think much of it.
I was walking around my house and just couldn't shake these chills! I put on sweats and tucked my pants into my socks (excellent insulator). Still cold. So I put a sweater on over my sweatshirt. STILL cold. I put a ski hat on. STILL COLD! I walked around covered by our huge love blanket but, the temperature didn't seem to phase Ken. He continued walking around in his basketball shorts, an un-matching T shirt, and black socks. Happy as a lark. For 4 days I froze. Then I checked the thermostat. 55 DEGREES! The heat had "mysteriously" been turned off. I cranked that puppy up to 80 and waited for Ken to get home. He wasn't two feet in the door when that cock-eyed son of a gun said, "Why is the heater on?" "Because it's 30 degrees outside!" "We're not turning it on until Thanksgiving!" "Hells Bells we're not! I'm freezing." "If Sean and Rachel can do it- we can do it too! You need to learn to be grateful." I spent the rest of the evening cold- with no heater on- trying to convince Ken I was grateful for heat and I would be even more grateful if he would let us use it. But, no.
I think somehow this is his way of getting one up on those two. So, a special chilly thanks to Sean and Rachel. You have reduced our utility bill- but caused some serious Popsicle toes.

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Karlenn said...

Are you kidding me? I would have murdered him! MURDER. Ben and I have heat wars, but it's over 70 degrees versus 74 degrees, not 70 degrees versus heater off!!! Dang! I would just die. I'm very, very protective of my warmth.