Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday with the Smith's

Last night Ken was out of town, so I secretly decided to dye my hair. My equally mischievous friend, Karlenn agreed to do it for me. She is just about the most giving person I know. Not only has she done a TON of research to figure out how to put "beachy waves" into my hair for Julie's wedding on Saturday- she totally invited me over for a night with the Smith's. It all started with a really good dinner. It was Ben's favorite casserole. Rice, ham, and celery, in cream of something soup and it was fantastic. I had 2 regular servings and then one mini one. Yeah- it was that good. Then we started the dye process. Her kids are hilarious. Sadie sat there across the table the whole time- pretending to dye her hair. And Dylan would randomly come in and try to say something nice. It would come out, "Your hair is looking blacker Patty" or "You got black stuff all over your face." He's sweet. Karlenn claimed I am "so brave" for dying my hair black. But, seriously. First- it's hair. You can change it right back if you hate it... and it grows. And then... my hair was pretty dark as it was... so I felt like it would just add some serious shine factor. And it did. I just feel younger.

After Kar dyed my hair (time elapsed 1.5 hours) she taught me how to make the beachy waves. I am completely uncoordinated at doing my hair. Those of you who know me know I have one style. Down. So She taught me how to make it look wavy. Hers turned out perfectly. Gorgeous spirally waves. It looked so easy I insisted that I could do it alone. Only to discover mine look crimpy and folded and... ugly. But I have a week to practice and I am going to nail it!

I'm putting up the before and after. In before pictures people always look sad and miserable and extra ugly- so I tried my best.... but you can only go so far when you've got my good looks!

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Karlenn said...

You are so funny! I'm glad you liked my casserole. It's really, really easy - I should give you the recipe, and you can make it if you ever feel ambitious.