Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tuesday night Ken and I headed over to the doctor's office for the final appointment in the one-month series. We have now graduated to the two-week program. (Only 11 weeks peeps.) We waited out our normal hour and a half to see the doctor. I will never ever EVER get used to waiting that long for an appointment.

At the very beginning of my pregnancy they told me I had B- blood. This I have known. They explained all about the Rh Negative factor and told me later in my pregnancy I would get a Rhogam shot to protect my future babies from my own body. You see, when you are a negative blood type and your baby may or may not be a positive blood type- your body attacks the embryo (if it's a +) and treats it as an intruder. Rhogam is supposed to stop your body from doing that. What I have read is it depends also on what the baby's dad is. If your both the same blood type (+ or -) it doesn't matter. Two positives will always make a positive... two negatives will always make a negative. While me and Ken were sitting in the waiting room thumbing through parenting magazines- I thought I'd ask him, "What's your blood type, babe?" He shrugged. Didn't look up. "That's odd," I thought. "Didn't they test you here? Or ask you?" He shook his head. My thought process went something along the lines of... why am I getting a shot when we only have half the information? I'm not afraid of shots.. at all. But I don't want people poking all kinds of fluids and junk into my body when they don't have to. That seems- pointless.
When we got back to the teeny room the doctor came in (after 45 minutes) and told me I was getting my shot today. I asked her about Ken and didn't his blood play a factor in it? She assured me it did. I told her we didn't know his blood type. "We better do the shot anyway." That was her answer. I asked again- differently. "Let's just do the shot." I asked if we could screen Ken and then do the shot. "You're here now. Let's do it." I felt really weird about that.

Not at all as weird as when the nurse came in with the shot and asked if I wanted it in the arm or the rear. I thought it was a joke! It wasn't. After I laughed and she didn't laugh back I blushed. "Oh. The arm, please."
"The rear is much less painful, you know" she insisted.
"Yes, but much more embarrassing. The arm, please."


The Empey Fam! said...

hahaha! Wow What a joke- i hate waiting too! Its a pain in the arse! But i have NUMEROUS shots in the rear!! haha i rather it there!!!

Karlenn said...

I never knew you had B- blood! Here am I, blabbing about my blood incompatibility with my baby, and you had it, too! I'm soooo not impressed with your gynie. Switch to mine. Now or later. You won't regret it. They really should have screened Ken's blood.