Thursday, April 22, 2010

28.5 Week Appointment

Going into Dr. Huggins office on Tuesday felt like walking onto the field at graduation. I made it. I was had graduated to the every-two-week-appointment program and man (!) did it feel good. When I went in the front desk girl called me by my name. Points. I checked in and went to find a seat that would fit my wide behind. As I balanced myself into my chair I realized I was the biggest in the waiting room. The pride that swelled within me.... sigh. *Tears* I remember being newly pregnant and sitting in that room and thinking I would never ever show. I would be the only woman to birth a baby without a belly. I figured everyone thought I had weird female problems There is no way anyone thought I was pregnant. Now that I am one of the seniors on campus, I look at the new girls and I know they are pregnant and excited and nervous and they think no one thinks they are pregnant. I know now nobody thought what I thought they thought about me. I asked one of the super skinny girls sitting next to me how far along she was. A sweet and tender 8 weeks. How precious. I hope that made her day. It made mine telling her I was 28.5 weeks preggy.

For the first (and only) time in my life I wish my name was Peggy. They I could be Preggy Peggy. I like dorky names like that.

It is very obvious there is a baby a brewing and Ken no longer refers to me as Patty. He refers to me as "corn combine" or "wide load" or "blimpy." So, endearing.

I had my glucose screening on Tuesday. Uh, yeah. Not so good. I'm supposed to be at 140. I'm at 199. Dr. Huggins called me "horrible." Harsh, ma dear, very harsh. I think the test was totally botched. From my reading and research and polling friends- it seems every one on this good green planet fasts before the glucose screening. Dr. Huggins told me I didn't have to. Just drink the Tang half hour before the appointment and they'll test me. My appointment was at 4:00. I chugged my juice down at 3:30. I was pricked for Glucose at 5:15. The doctor came in at 5:40 and told me my glucose was off the charts and I am at high risk for gestational diabetes and she wants me to the three hour test on Friday after I have fasted. Now. Maybe I am an above average thinker here.... but why did I not have to fast for the first test but DO have to fast for the one tomorrow? That must be a factor in getting correct results, no? Dr. Huggins asked if I had any symptoms of gestational diabetes. Swollen hands and feet? No. Severe headaches? No. Vomiting? No. High blood pressure? No. Excessive weight gain? No. Absolutely NO signs of gestational diabetes except for the fact that I ate regular (translated: like a pregnant little piggy) all day and my base level of sugars was off. I think I was punk'd.
Ken, of course, fell off his rocker when the doctor told us. It was immediately- no more candy, no carbs, no white anything. Blah, blah, blah. Yesterday was Secretary's Day and Sheri took me and some of the ladies we work with out to lunch. I was eyeing (drooling over) the country fried steak with white gravy and mashed potatoes. Unfortuneately, Ken had talked to Sheri and told her of the possibility of me having this condition. I had to get the Cesar Salad with grilled chicken instead. Boo hiss.
Tomorrow morning at 8:30 (after fasting for 12 hours) I go for the 3 hour screening. I wish the doctor would have just done it right first time. Then I caould go back to eating Sour Patch Kids whenever I want.


Karlenn said...

I'll bet you a million bucks you don't have it. I'm glad your three-hour test is tomorrow. Then you can get it out of the way. And then you can eat carbs again. Carbs=happiness.

Tracy said...

I too bet you don't have GD. Everyone I know who's ate before their test has failed. I fasted before both of mine and passed. Don't eat and ask to do it early in the morning. :) Where's your cute belly pics? I can't believe you are almost 30 weeks already!

Brett and Tiffany said...

Hey, I knew we were like "sisters" (Haha!) I have B- blood too and had those wonderful Rhogam shots! Good luck tomorrow! You will pass with flying colors and then you tell Ken to pick you up for dinner and go have your chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes with white gravy! Thank you for the thank you mom gave it to me today! We would love for you guys to come out again! Let us know when you are up for a game night! We might have to schedule in some Pinochle too!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have it either. I've always eaten before my test and never failed. Now I don't know what to do. My test is in 3 weeks:P I hate drinking that stuff!

Natalie said...

What a bummer, being pregnant is the only time you can pull the I can eat whatever I want I am pregnant, PATTERS DONT LET THEM TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU!

Poulsen Family said...

Dr Huggins delivered me due to my dr being out of town.