Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aunt Patty

There was one weekend during tax season I felt particularly rebellious and opted to not work a Saturday. Instead of filing returns and being miserable I went down to Utah to visit Ms. Julia and Baby Greta. I was a month late in welcoming Greta to Earth. I made it up with some Funfetti cake! I always say, "Nothing says Happy 1 month like a Funfetti Cake." It's my ultimate favorite. Maybe my new slogan should be "Nothing says _______ night like Funfetti Cake." Then I could make one tonight... since nothing says Wednesday night like Funfetti cake. I'm onto something here.

The weekend was just magical. Vicky flew out from da Burgh and can I say she is looking totally fab. She runs like 15 miles a day and her skin was fresh and vibrant and her bod was rocking! Totally jealous.
Jules and Chris are really caring parents. Not to mention total love birds! These two have been married for a year and half and you'd think they just got engaged. It's adorable. Couple of little lovey dovey parakeets.They just swoon over Miss Greta and what's not to swoon over. Those chubby cheeks and knees and the baby-ness of her is simply overwhelming. They let me hold her as long as I wanted... me and Vicks fought for her sometimes. She is a big time snuggler. You pick her up and cradled her and she just nuzzles in as close as she can get. Love it!
And may I say- there is something very special about holding an infant when there is a little person inside of you. It's a new experience.

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Karlenn said...

Holy shnikeys, fifteen miles a day? If only my knees would let me do that. I can barely do five when I'm training for five-milers. I'm jealous of Vicky's knees. Greta is adorable. And it's so great that Julie and her hubs are still in that honeymoon phase. I sure wish Ben and I were... :)