Monday, April 26, 2010

Step One:

The first step in recovery is: admitting there is a problem.
Thanks to an incredibly embarrassing episode with our home teachers yesterday- I finally got Ken to admit that-
Yes, Rusty has a problem.
The barking, ruined shoes, missing dinners, bruises, sore arms from exhausting walks, notices from the police, letters from neighbors, expulsion from Obedience School, and a constant nagging wife the last 3+ years have fallen on deaf ears. His love for Rusty was too overwhelming. Bless Ken for only seeing the good. But last night Ken admitted he would like to see Rusty improve in a few areas.
That was my green light.
Today I called my friend, Jessie, a dog trainer (and dog-lover) she is scheduled for next Monday the 3rd to start work on Rusty.
1. The door. When the door bell rings (for anyone who hasn't been to my house) it's pandemonium. Rusty goes nutso. Running up and down the steps multiple times- threatening to trip anyone who tries to get through. He jumps on the door trying to see out the windows. And the barking. The barking reaches a decibel unsafe for humans.
2. Walks. When you say the word "walk" even if you are not asking Rusty if he wants to take one... the same behavior ensues as with the door bell. Except you need to add jumping on whoever is getting the leash. I was getting the leash Saturday and Rusty knocked me on my unbalanced bum-by. Ken and I have taken to spelling walk... but I think Rusty is figuring that out too. His ears perk up when we say "w-a-l...."
3. Listening. Rusty has decided in the last month or so (since warm weather has come) that he is smarter than me. He knows more than I do and can make his own decisions. Because of his new found intelligence he no longer feels the need to listen to me. If he is outside and it's time to come in- I'll call his name. He won't even turn his head. The so-called "Terrible twos"... that have drug into the "terrible threes"- going on to the "terrible fours."
I met with Jessie today and had a consultation. It was so professional! She had me write a list of concerns and trouble areas my pup has and after reviewing my list she said it'll be no problem getting him on the straight and narrow. She will need me to provide one pack of hot dogs and 2 nights a week for as long as it takes. She thinks 4 session will be pa-lenty.
I just worry.

She hasn't met him yet.


Anonymous said...

Your post totally reminds me of Marley from the book Marley and Me! LOL I'm sure Rusty isn't quite as bad as Marley, though:) I'm glad your friend is going to help you train him!! Good luck with that!

Karlenn said...

Ah Rusty... such a stinker. A very loveable stinker. I hope your friend can whip him into shape.