Monday, June 7, 2010

And Yet Another

Do Ken and I go to Yellowstone too much? Is there such a thing as going to Yellowstone too much? I think not. Yellowstone Trip 2010 was part of my Mother's Day present. (Staying in the hotel and swimming in the pool was the present... driving through Yellowstone was a perk.) We went up Friday night right after work. Extra special. Stopped at Winger's for dinner. Extra Special since Ken does not like Winger's that much--- he thinks the entire restaurant is "sticky." Took a lot of pee breaks on the way up. Extra special. Still got there in under 2 hours. Extra special. Checked into the hotel and got all kinds of free pamphlets and snacks. Extra special. Went to check out the pool. It was empty. Extra special. Went upstairs and changed into swimwear and returned to a pool that was completely full of people and noisy children. Not extra special. Ken suggested we get in anyway- I suggested we wait until 9. Most people would have left by then to put there little hellions to bed.
We went to the room and watched TV. We don't have TV at home so this was a treat. What wasn't so great- was that there was nothing on we wanted to watch. We were so sure after a year and a half of no TV we would just devour anything that was on. Not so. Tv is over-rated in my opinion.
We headed back to pool a little after 9. When we were getting off the elevator all these Japanese people were getting on. And saying all this "Wing wang maaAA. Shinwa Maaa. Ching. Ching! Wan." They all crowd onto the elevator before me and Ken get out. So weird. And really against elevator etiquette. I told Ken how weird I thought that was. He didn't agree. Okaaaaay?
The pool was just about empty. There was one group left- that I recognized from an hour and a half earlier. I figured they had to be about done. They had little kids. LITTLE kids... like 2 and under. And some bigger kids too. But still- it had to be getting close to bed time. So, we enter the pool area and I unveil my monstrous belly and slink into the pool to enjoy my zero-gravity. I float around for awhile and go under water and this woman, whom I assume to be the mother of this group, starts casting me evil EVIL looks. Every time I look at her she's glaring at me! I froggy kick over to Ken, "Is my swim suit see through or something?"
"That woman keeps staring at me."
"She's staring at me too."
"She's weird."
"I think she wants us to get out."
"I'm not getting out. We've been in for like a minute."

Ken is so unwilling to offend anyone. He suggested I "hurry up" and relax and do what I have to do so we can leave these people to use the entire pool and hot tub. Now let me say, this was a rather large pool for a hotel. There was plenty of room in it for me and Ken and her family of 5 or 6. Pa-LENTY! I keep swimming and after about 10 minutes (mom still staring) she gets all huffy and starts rounding up her kids. Saying things like, "We've worn out OUR welcome." and "The pool is getting REALLY crowded." It took 15 minutes for her to round up the gang and then they were gone and I could not stop laughing. I mean, who says that stuff? She was purposely saying it loud enough for us to hear- but indoor pools are really echo-ey. So I think the whole hotel probably heard her being a quack. Maybe I have a really prominent and rude air and I put off vibes that I don't want anyone near me. Perhaps. But I doubt it.
We slept in a king size bed with tons and tons of pillows- which was awesome and the next day toured the Park. We saw everything- but bears.


Karlenn said...

I think it's so funny how Ken is always worried about offending people. I'm a little bit like that. But not to the point where I would leave the pool for a huffy, weird woman. What a weirdo that lady was!! It's not like you were yelling at her or staring at her or anything! Weird, weird, weird.

The Empey Fam! said...

that is crazy~ what a weird lady! you an ken must be very intimidating haha to make that BIGGER group of people feel unwelcome! WEIRD! haha YOu crack me up PP!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that lady sounded awful!! I would've stayed too. I'm envious that you guys take so many trips!! With 2 kids in tow already it makes it harder so enjoy this little bit of time you have left!:) Hehe