Thursday, May 27, 2010

Only Once

I like reading on CareerBuilder and MSNJobs and about ways to improve your work and work environment. I am an A+ superstar of a worker but like to mix it up with new ways to try things. Ways of increasing productivity. (No one has mentioned less blogging so far...) Oprah taught me how to efficiently organize my desk. Your desk should be set up like the dash of your car. Everything being accessible from right where you are sitting. All mailing materials, important files, writing devices, and family photos should be at arms reach. I tried it. I love it. Totally sold. When I see people's offices or work stations and I see all this chair swiveling and moving around- I desperately want to help them. Maybe TLC would start a show for me.
Recently, I read some really successful business man's secret to reaching top productivity during the day. He claims it lead to his ultimate millions. His secret? "I handle every paper only once." My nature makes me want to test these claims. So, I do. I start my day with the resolve to deal with every paper only once. Start to finish. Incredible the impact! I quit putting off calls I didn't want to make, I filed everything as I went, my desk is in immaculate condition. I get so much accomplished. You may be thinking- that's common sense. Try it. It's 100 times more easier to do the bulk of a project or some of it and then set it aside for filing... or put the final step off until later. But starting it, working on it, and finishing it? Whoa. What a feeling of accomplishment. And my mind is clearer too.

I have adopted this mantra into all parts of my life. At home, when I am doing the dishes- I quite often will leave the little George Foreman on the counter (dirty) thinking I'll clean it later (or tomorrow... or in a week.) Not no more! Get over here you little grill- I'm finishing these dishes! With paying bills? Maybe that student loan bill is wrong or has the incorrect last name on it. (Mine did.) I've been married for 5 years... it's time to change that name. So I call 'em up and solve the problem... start to finish! It's a remarkable feeling. I feel so in control.
No loose ends.
I handle every situation only once. And then it's done.
Why haven't I always done this?


Karlenn said...

What a good idea, Pats. I heard about this method when I was first married, in the context of mommyhood. If you pick something up, you put it in its place immediately. You don't set it on the table to put away later. It goes all the way into its place. And then you don't have to look for it later. I need to be better about filing stuff immediately. I have a huge pile of "to file" stuff on my printer. I should have just filed each bill after we paid it. Badda-bing. P.S. I just sent you a mondo e-mail.

Poulsen Family said...

I'm afraid to tell you this won't last long. I have always been the type when I start a project I don't stop till it's finished but when you have a screaming baby only half the dishes, laundry, or cleaning get done, at least for me that is. I always get them done, it just might not be in the same day. Right now I have the mentality, "at least it got done".

Brett and Tiffany said...

Thanks for the great advice! That is a good feeling to accomplish something! I know that concept to be true I just need to use it EVERY day! P.s. Can I RSVP right here, right now, on your blog because I have it on my list "to do" and if I do it NOW I can check it off! See you at your baby shower! Oh, what a great feeling...I did it!

Lyner said...

Ah this is something I shall work on! I have a problem with starting a project and never finishing it. I was showing my sister and friend a scrapbook I started. I only have 3 pages done and that was a long time ago! Also, I am the most unorganized person in the world!

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome, Patty! I wish I had your enthusiasm to keep my desk clean. I actually have 2 desks piled with papers and most of it I can probably just throw away. I'm always too busy to put things where they go and be done with it! So cherish this short lived organization because when you have your little guy you'll be happy to just get the dishes IN the dishwasher!:)