Monday, April 11, 2011

Better Than Santa Coming

This weekend my sister, Andi, is flying in from Monterrey.  Yeah.  I'm excited.  She is a riot.  The girl has no inhibition whatsoever.  Loves to share embarrassing stories and make me laugh.  Plus, she eats whatever she wants whenever she wants- which takes away that "shame" factor for me.  And she dresses like a high-fashion model and lets me borrow whatever I want.  (That fits.  So basically necklaces and earrings.)  She'll be here for two weeks! 
During Andi's stay, my older sister, Victoria, is flying in from Pittsburgh with her girlfriend.  Jenn.  They will be here from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday.  I love it when Vicky comes.  She is really good at putting me at ease and making me feel like whatever we are doing is very fun for her.  Which I love.  Plus you can count on Vicky having at least 3 fully stocked iPods full of great dance music.  She knows how to start a party.   I haven't met Jenn yet- but I know that she works for Whole Foods.  And I love those huge cookies that are sold at Whole Foods.  So, according to a Philosophy class I took... If I like Whole Foods cookies and Jenn works at Whole Foods... I must... like Jenn?  Something like that.  Anyway- Vick and Jenn are the Cool Whip on the pudding for this trip.
Hark!  It gets better.  Where 2 or more Bradley's flock- more will follow.  Jules is coming up from Utah the same day Vicky and Jenn are getting here.  Julie is the gamer.  If we are all sitting around talking about getting in the hot tub or doing makeovers- Julie is the one to recommend a game instead.  Which she will insist on winning.  And for some kooky reason, when we play Monopoly, she always has to be the car and always has to have the arrow facing her.  Me and Andi used to think that was really ridiculous.  Wait- I still that's ridiculous.  (Quick Side note:  When the Bradley girls play Monopoly $500 goes into the middle of the board.  Anytime you owe money on a Community Chest or Chance card that money also goes into the middle of the board.  If you land on Free Parking... you get the money!  We also used to have a rule where if you landed on your own property... the bank would have to pay you the rent.)  Anyway- there will undoubtedly be games played.  And I will probably lose.  Just to make Julie feel better.  No.  I'll probably lose because every game needs a loser and I am fine being that loser.  Just like every group of girls has a fat one.  And that's me too.  I am confident in my role as the chubby loser.  I am loved for my roles/rolls.
And to cream the crop- Kris is coming up too.  She only lives about an hour away- but it will be so special to have us all together.  Krissy is the oldest and is hilarious.  She can tell the funniest stories from highschool and about her kids and she just does funny things.  Like in the background.  (andi... "triscuits"  "saltines"   "wheat thins")  It's great because she is the one who always recommends the most relaxing route.  Well, relaxing for us.  Kris can give the best makeover in under an hour.  I am planning on getting my eyebrows done, my hair cut and dyed, and a new spring makeup line applied.
It is going to be fantastic. 
Ken keeps saying he doesn't get why it is such a big deal when my sisters come and why I feel like I should be with them every minute of the day.  I gave him three good reasons.

1.  He's never had sisters.
2.  He's never had sisters.
3.  He's never had sisters.

I love going back to '93 and saying that.  You know... three good reasons all the same reasons.
So the stars are aligning, the heavens are blowing their trumpets, the Bradley Girls are reuniting.
I hope Vicky and Andi are bringing some soubies!!!


Poulsen Family said...

How exciting! Enjoy your sister/girl time.

Karlenn said...

I loved the roles/rolls comment. I am also the loser of games/chubby sis! I'm so excited for you to have everyone together. I wonder if all four of my sisters will ever get together again... probably not. Sad. Your sisters need to teach my sisters a lesson on sisterlyness.

Brett and Tiffany said...

I love spending time with my sistas too! I can't wait to hear all about it! Take lots of pictures! Sisters (and moms) are the best!

Chris loves Julia said...

I have a REALLY fun game to play. Blokus. Have you played it? We LOVE IT. And guess what, Chris usually beats me at every game. I have met my perfect match. :) Can't. Wait. To. Be. There.

Lyner said...

Sister time=a lot of fun. Have a blast!

Dawn said...

How fun is that??? Sisters are the best!! Have a great time!! Post lots of pictures... can't wait to hear all about it!

DoublClik said...

Fact : I do like to tell embarassing stories.
Fact : I had to look up the word "inhibition"
Fact : I tried to look up the word "soubies" too

George and Ginger said...

I'm the luckiest.
I'm the happiest