Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Dressed for Church

Yesterday morning I just woke up in a bad mood.  (Ken says I do that now.  Whatev.)  I think it was my pillow.  We have these fantastic Sealy pillows that replaced our old, stained, flat pillows.  The new ones are very soft and full and for the first couple nights it was like sleeping on a cloud.  Now it feels like I am sleeping on a cliff side.... like straight up... with no give.  It takes me a really long time to fall asleep.  Ken can fall asleep in about 45 seconds.  Most nights, after he is asleep, I'll look over and study his position and try to copy it.  I mean he is obviously very comfortable.  Rarely works for me though.  He says that I put to much emphasis on being absolutely comfortable.  I should just be happy to be regular comfortable.  Interesting.  Anyway- Sunday I woke up in a bad mood.  Which just got worse.
I got up and got Kole up.  I fed and dressed him and brought him in to Ken (who was still in bed... we remember that trick don't we?)  I went about getting ready.  In the shower I cut myself about 5 times shaving.  You see, I decided to try to save some money and I got these really cheap Bic razors.  There's like 2 blades.  Youch.  And on top of youch- they didn't do the best job getting rid of the hair.  So I really feel like I wasted the buck eighty-five that they were.  And I only have 14 more to go through.  After the shower I tried to blow dry my hair.  *Sigh*  Make that a really long airy sigh.  My blow dryer is on it's last leg and toppling.  About a month ago it sparked and then reduced it's power.  And since then about once a week it'll click and the air comes out slower.  It's so weak.  Like there's a little sick squirrelly in there trying to blow my hair dry.  Anyway- my hair drying took tons longer than I thought it would and my hair was still a little damp which meant I wouldn't get a good straight look. I decided to let it air dry while I got dressed.  Ken suggested I wear this shirt dress I got a couple summers ago.  It is a gorgeous dress.  It has something like a giraffe print on it and goes to about my knees.  He said with a big belt I would look great.  I figured with a big belt and some Spanx.  So the Spanx went on, the dress went on, the belt went on and boy was it too short.  I asked Ken what he thought.  He thought it looked great.  I finished my hair, put on my boots, some jewelry and went out to the living room.  Ken said, "Maybe that is a little too short."  Uh.  Yeah.  It was 9:25.  I went to my closet.  What could I put on without changing my earrings or boots.  I found a brown floor length skirt.  I put it on.  When I put a sweater on that matched it there was a hole in it.  Take everything off.  Frizzy hair.  What else is in here?  Ah!  A mid shin one piece.  Perfect!  It'll slip right over my head, smooth out my hair, I don't have to change my boots or earrings... I put it on.  And couldn't quite get the zipper to go all the way up.  Ken tried.  Nothing.  Let me say that there was no problem getting the zipper over my hips, waist, and belly.  My chest is just too Pamela Anderson-esque.  I don't know if it's the nursing or my natural feminine curves but that zipper was not going anywhere.  And all you members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee who wish you had something more to fill in your A cups..... trust me... you don't.  They don't make clothes for big-busted women.   So that was out.  It was 9:30.  Church was starting.  Ken was getting restless.  I went in and changed into a shirt and a sweater (that also wouldn't button over my chesties) and a brown pencil skirt.  I had to change my shoes.  I mean I looked nice.  But I looked so... so much like I always do.  Pencil skirt and heels.  Boring. And I just hated that nothing fit me.  And not because I am chubby.  It was frustrating.  When we got to church we did get good seats in the back by interesting people.  Which was a plus.  And two of my young women spoke and did really well.  I did end up going home after sacrament to put Koley down for a nap and I changed again.  Floor length black skirt and floral top.  No one noticed.  Make me think I put too much thought into what I am going to wear.
Am I the only one who does this every time I get dressed? 
I know Julie does.
I know Karlenn doesn't.  She actually wears her clothes in the order they are hung in her closet.  Which is amazing and easy.  But I can't do that.
It's funny how clothes can change your whole day.
For the better of the worse.
And Kole just wears sweats all the time
Yup!  And sometimes not even sweats!  Sometimes I'm just in my pajamas all day!
How great would that be?


Julia said...

Hey now. I am getting better. Especially now that Chris and I are sharing a closet, it really puts pressure on me to pick the right thing the FIRST time. Plus, I only have about 45 seconds before Greta realizes I am in the closet and she comes in and starts messing everything up. It amps up the efficiency. But sometimes I REALLY wish I could change my outfit. REALLY REALLY.

Karlenn said...

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee??? Hahaha! I've never heard of that. I must be president of that. Yeah, I do wear my clothes in order, because I am OCD, but I really hate most of them. Which is why my project with my birthday money is to buy a whole bunch of summer clothes that actually fit me and cover me up. And don't have holes in them, barf stains, bleach stains, etc. etc. on them.

We totally skipped church. We went to the Monster Truck Rally in Poky on Sat. night and got home super-late. Then I STARTED the ward bulletin. Ben and I were up until 2:30 doing that. We were just too dang tired to deal with church. And I feel really guilty.

Brett and Tiffany said...

Oh, I have to admit I have a little bit of that OCD-ness when it comes to clothes too...especially for church! I usually wear mine in order too and I have taught my kids that too! It just saves so much time on Sundays, but I DEFINITELY have those days when I change a ton of times too when nothing is looking right! Hope today is better for you!

Poulsen Family said...

I did the same thing Sunday. My conclusion: I need to go shopping. Everything in my closet is old and boring. I need a closet makeover.