Thursday, April 7, 2011

That's Hot.

I will watch any movie with
Hugh Jackman (meow) in it.  I don't care how long it is.  I don't care how stupid it is.  I don't care if there is a plot.  I don't care if the actress is horrible.  I don't care if it is interesting.  Just put me in front of the screen and I will watch the entire thing- rewind it- and start it over.  His voice.  Mmmm.  The eyes.  That jawline. Definitely climbing the celebrity crush list.
Speaking of such list:
New Arrival!
I don't even feel the need to say anything.  He has surpassed Jim Cramer and Phil Mickelson for sure.  I think he's above Ari Gold.  (I don't like Jeremy Piven... just Ari.)  There may be a three way tie for first place.  Robert Pattinson, Stephen Colbert, and Ron Weasley.

Seriously- any movie he is in- I watch even if it's incredibly dull and pointless.  It doesn't matter- I will watch it.  Maybe it is the scruff I like so much.  I really like it when Ken doesn't shave for a day and he gets scruffy and scratchy.  I think that is the hottest look on a man.  You;ll notice old Hughie has some scruff in his picture.  You know?  Ari, Phil, and Jim all have scruff too!  Personal epiphany JUST occurred. It's a must. To be on my celebrity crush list you must have scruff (or be Harry Potter's best friend.)


Julia said...

I love scruff, but Edward does NOTHING for me.

spoonTRex said...
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Anonymous said...

UGH! I will agree with you on Hugh, but definitely NOT the other guy. He is called, he who must not be named. lol

Karlenn said...

I like Robert Pattinson soooo much more when he's not so serious. When he smiles. He really has a fantastic smile. And Hugh - holy crap, his muscles are UNREAL! In Wolverine, my mouth hung open the whole time, like, "Is he for reals??" Aaaand the man can sing and dance. He was in a Broadway play when I went to New York when I graduated from college. I think it was called The Man from Oz. He really is amazing.