Monday, April 25, 2011

My List, My Sisters, My Koley

For starters I can check a second things off my "26 Before 27" list.  (Number 1 was dye my own hair... saving that post.)  I played the piano in church.  I have done it before as an accompanist which to me is always pretty overlooked.  You just figured there is some piano super star playing and you listen to the singers.  I was asked to play for Easter.  I practiced for hours.  Ken was so sick of the song.  I was so sick o the song... "Easter Prayer."  It was a medley.  Why do medleys always have really dumb names?  Anyway I wanted to know the song really well.  To the point where it was almost memorized.  I was there.  I was so ready to play it. I was first on the program... and was doing well.  I play really soft. I get nervous.  About half way through I heard Kole.  Not cry.  Just make a sound and, I am not kidding, I looked up.  I looked away from the music.  I stopped playing for like a second. It felt like a minute.  Slow motion big time.  So embarrassing- and what was even worse?  I lost my place after that.  Because I had it mostly memorized I didn't really know where  I was.  I found my spot but my confidence was shot.  Let's just say the song ended. Period.  There was the normal "You did really good" comments in the hall- I live in a super overly nice ward.  I want to play it again just to say "See!  I CAN play this!  I just got distracted. Come on!  Give me another chance!"  But- I did it.  2 down.  24 left.
Let's see.... I would like to dedicate an entire post to the Bradley Reunion which occurred over the weekend.  At this time I only wish to offer a teaser.  We had our pictures professionally taken on Friday night.  I am incredible misplaced in a family of tall, gorgeous, naturally slender women.  But the pictures turned out great.  I think we were honing Kardashians. (May become more evident in pictures posted later.)  At the shoot, I felt like the problem child.  The photographer and his assistant kept having to stop and say, "Patty could you put your chin up... no... too far.... sigh... back. "  or"Patty your hand is... not right."  "Patty."  "Patty."  "PATTY!"  Posing and looking good doing it are not natural abilities I possess.  I can make killer caramel popcorn and I can read really fast.  I can't pose right for a picture though.  Notice how I am the only one doing nothing fun?  I am just looking at the camera?  Boring.  Boringboringboringboring.  But!  Please also take note of those killer calves!  I am so proud of my legs.

There's news with Koley too!  First off, he has taken off with his crawling as of Friday.  No more GI Crawl.  No more Swiffering.  He can go.  I think it was being around his cousins.  He is completely enthralled by other children.  He just stares.  Like a love-sick teenager.  Or a little puppy being offered the biggest bag of Pupperoni ever.  And wants to be as close to them as he can.  It's so tender.
This is him saying, "Mom you're in my way.  I'm trying to get closer to these miniature humans I keep seeing around here."
Note all his extra joints on his forearm.  There's the elbow, the mid arm, the pre-wrist, the wrist.  the kid has chub.  AND!  He's cutting two teeth!  It's a twofer- toother.  I couldn't resist.  His bottom fronts.  You can't see them yet but you can feel them.  His little gums are sore, sore, sore.  And my nippies are sore, sore, sore.  I swear he is using me as a grindstone.  Youch.  He's going to blog all about it this week- so check over on his des temps en temps.


spoonTRex said...

I stopped breastfeeding Jonas when he was 8 months old or so because he started biting me and I wasn't going to take it. lol Good luck with that!! I'm glad he's crawling. Maybe we should get together and have the baby's play:)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was me above:P I also forgot to say, Cute picture!! Where'd you have them taken?

Ashley said...

Neither Korbin nor I noticed that you messed up at all on Sunday! Seriously, I was thinking, "Man, I always mess up a little when I play in sacrament meeting, but Patty didn't even mess up at all!" Really. Had no idea.

Karlenn said...

So dude. Emily E. has this stuff that helps with teething babies - it has more than the normal amount of benzacaine. I totally want to buy some for future teething times with Gage. Ouch for your nips. I'm so sorry. I didn't notice that you messed up on Sunday AT ALL. This came as a total surprise. Kole was so cute today, crawling after Micah and your little neice. He really does love kids.

Lyner said...

Go Patty! (with the dying hair). I want to see more pictures and hear about your little reunion.

Brett and Tiffany said...

I bet you played great in Sacrament mtg! I can't wait for more pics and stories of your weekend with your sistas!