Friday, May 25, 2012

III: The Reception

Ms. Victoria and Miss Jenn got married in Washington D.C.  Because the gays can't legally get married in da Burgh.  (Although the mayor is apparently very pro gay rights.)  I did not attend that ceremony because I'm 9 months pregnant and driving to D.C. (3 and a half -4 hours away) just sounded like one bathroom break after another and really swollen hobbit feet.
But... from the pictures I've seen... it was magical.

Newly Minted Married Couple

How she didn't become a super model... don't know.  Don't know.

New sister-in-law, Jenn.
Really never thought I'd have a sister in law.
I lucked out.

Krissy and Andi DID go to Washington DC and apparently had all kinds of fun without me. *Pout*

 Everyone came back to Pixburgh on Saturday and the partay got started.

Getting the bride ready.
Killer playlist was rocking on the iHome.
(iHomes are apparently standard at The Marriot.)

Dad put us up in The Marriot.  Swanky!  I felt so rich and spoiled.  And after seeing all my sisters dressed... I felt fat too.  But a good fat.  I would have been the chubby one even without Baby J in my pouch.  I like eating junk food more than I like being skinny.  Do pregnancy was a great excuse to be neither skinny or tan like my seesters.

We drove over to the reception which was in Millvale at a gorgeous park by the river in true frat style.  Windows down.  Music up.  I think Jenn may have blushed.  She was already there awaiting her bride.
Didn't know we were supposed to be doing the kissy face thing.  Whoops.

This reminded we of that part of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang....
What do you see, you people looking at me, you see a girl on a music box that's wound by a key.

Fatty Patty McChatty, Teener Weiner, Vicks-matoria, Jules-a-bug-Stinkweeder, Andi Candy Girl

Couples first dance.
Blurriness thanks to my photo taking skills which are way below sub par.

1.  The Food.  Do I emphasize food too much on here?  It was incredible.  They had lamb burgers and fish tacos and these incredible salads.  I didn't even know what I was eating.  And, trust me, that didn't stop me from returning to the buffet line several times.  AND!  People kept letting me cut because I was pregnant.  They were all, "Oh go ahead.  Go ahead.  You've got to keep that baby fed."  Love it!  Maybe post-baby I'll just keep a pillow rolled up in there.  Can't lose these perks.

2.  The Dancing.  Victoria and Dad did the traditional Father/Daughter dance to "Sweet Caroline" by our family's favorite:  Mr. Diamond comma Neil.  By the end of the song the entire Bradley family (me and sisters and mama-sita) were all circling Vicky and Dad.  It was So Good!  So Good!
A little alcohol always fills up the dance floor.  Not that I drank- I've got this cub in my chub.... but people were there to celebrate and party.  And by golly did they!  Plus, a majority of the guests were of the lesbi-onic persuasion or gay.  And we all know those gays love to dance.  I could do one song (or half a song) and then have to sit on the sidelines and watch for 3 or 4 songs.  I had to save my energy for Ciara's 1-2-Step and Party Rock Anthem.  Which I don't think ever got played.  Don't matter.  Every DAY I'm shuff-a-lin.

3.  Their Guests.  You guys know I am slightly introverted in a crowd.  Don't like going up and introducing myself.  I choke at small talk.  I come off as rude and uncaring.  This crowd of Vicky and Jenn's friends... AMAZING!  I felt like I was surrounded by my own sisters.  Like 150 of my own sisters.  They were open and friendly and giggly.  Happy, goofy, and loving.  It wasn't awkward.  At all.  Not even when they rubbed my belly or introduced me to their date.  Who was also a girl.  I met so many educated, lovely, and beautiful women.  Successful too!  And all Vicky's male friends were gorgeous.  And there with their male dates.  It might sound like a Bizarro world.  But it seemed so normal.  Maybe I'm used to it because Ken is always telling the old joke about how HE is a lesbian because he loves women so much. 

4.  The After Party.  We made "Snack-tivities" for everyone to take home.  It was a s'more kit.  Wish I would have taken a picture after tying the 250 bags up.  They had a fire so people could make them there or take them home.  But what I really wish they were handing out were these:


I am a sucker for a Snuggie.  Andi scored this one off Uncle Judd.  That and a Double Whopper sounded really good at 2 AM when the party wrapped up.


Kar said...

Fun, fun, fun! I'm glad Vicki and Jenn's friends put you guys at ease. That's what I love about my gay and Lezzie friends. So much fun. So easygoing. So fantastic. I just reconnected with my former EFY counselor friend, Jason, who has since come out of the closet, and I was transported back 15 years and felt like a fun, hip, hyper college kid again. :) You look glowing and adorable in these pics. And Vicki looks beautiful. And Jenn just looks cool. All the time.

SkippyMom said...

What gorgeous pictures! And the happy couple is so cute.

You and the bride look like twins. Are you? [Well, except for the whole pregnancy thing, but facially - TWINS!]

Glad everyone had a great time. Weddings are the best. :)

Juli said...

I love me the gays. :) I have had many gay friends, and when we'd go out I was inevitably hit on. I had to just come to the realization that I was universally appealing.


Seriously, she looks beautiful, and it looked lovely. It is legal here, thankfully. I can't even imagine having to go to another state to marry the one I love. *sigh*

OH, and what Ken says about him being a lesbian? Tony says that ALL THE TIME. Frackin' hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun and fantastic time. Congrats to them!