Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Say It's Your Birthday! Nernernerner NER ner ner!

Kenner is the newest college graduate in our family.  He officially graduated May 12th.  But, he is still waiting for his diploma in the mail to make it official official.  He also turned 29 on Saturday.  (He's getting so much older than me.)  So we had a slamming jamming whamming ka-bamming party for him. 
It started at 3 AM in between Friday and Saturday.  I never know... is it 3 AM Friday night?  3 AM Saturday morning?  *lots of shrugging, confused eyebrows, and squinty eyes* 
I had got some birfday decorations for him.  I know that's what kids like.  But you'd be surprised at how well adults react to a little extra attention.  (Try applauding the next time someone you love comes in the room.)  I'm not sleeping that much right now (or for the next 5 weeks) anyhow.  All the bathroom breaks, crampage, and all around discomfort make for really restless nights.  So, getting up to decorate is no biggie.  Plus I had all the balloons blown up and hidden already.  I figured if I did it around 3... a time when my body normally wakes up... I could finish in an hour and be back in bed by 4.  That plan would have been perfect except at like 3:20 a big fat ugly spider ran across the kitchen floor and I was frozen on a kitchen chair for about a half hour waiting to see where it went and if it was coming back out.  So I finished up about 4:35.
Saturday morning, Ken went down to make us breakfast... he didn't know I already had Sweet Orange Rolls cooking for him... hehehe.  I'm amazing. Tell your friends. Me and Kole were making our way down the steps when Ken popped around the corner, having seen the kitchen, with his face lit up like a bug zapper.  "Clean it up!" he teased.  And then he laughed and gave me a big old smoochy.

His birthday continued with a trip to The Air Show at the Hill Air Force Base.  Which was free.  Which I am still shocked about.  How do they make things free?  Kole and Ken really loved it.  Lots of big trucks.  Planes.  Helicopters.  You could walk through hangars and those big dump plane things.  Are they called cargo planes?  We were there about an hour when the rain was moving in.  And it was a fricking cold windy rain.  I think Kole's favorite part was riding a bus back from and to the car.

That afternoon Ken's parents came down for cake.  I made it and it was da bomb.  I made Pittsburgh Catholic Wooden Spoon Cake.  Yum.  Yum.  Yum.  When Kolester went to bed I immediately broke out the cake and candles.  I thought I would write a "2" and a "9" on the cake for twenty-nine since there's only 24 in a box and I didn't want to use the whole box.  Well.  I did that.  And used the whole box (minus 2).  But it looked lovely.

He blew them all out on his first try.  No girlfriends I guess.
Ken is really maturing in his golden years.  Lifting heavy things for his pregnant wife, bathing Koley every night without my help, fixing the bed all by himself, reading learning books. He even started a Facebook page for himself.  Been a long time coming on that one.
And now, of course, that's all he wants to do.  Check his page.  See who commented.  See who accepted his friend request.  He's a newbie at it.  And it's cute.


DoublClik said...

baa hahahaha " I'm amazing. Tell your friends. " loved that! And love that the Kenster is on "the world wide web" as he says

Juli said...

He's such a baby. :)

Tony turns 46 this year. He's insistent that if any one acknowledges his oldness he will disown them.

We're all planning a big a$$ party.


Beth Willmore said...

You're such a great wife! Pretty sure on Jared's next birthday I'll say, "Man you're old, and then ignore him the rest of the day like I usually do."

Lynn Proctor said...

that's so awesome--lovely cake and post

Kar said...

Look at you! What a cute, amazing wife you are! I love Kole's face while he's riding the bus. Adorable. Happy Birthday, Kenner!