Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last night the Foster's hosted an Office party. It was a blast! Jenna made dinner in a pumpkin! Yeah! A PUMPKIN!! I got there and Jeff just took this huge pumpkin out the oven. It was full of rice and gravy and meat and peppers. It was good! And, did I mention, cooked in a pumpkin? To make the night really special there was homemade rootbeer! It bubbled over like a cauldron of magic potions. It was a lot of fun. The event was well-attended by a drug lord, a banana, SnowWhite, SpiderMan, and a cowboy. Where do the Foster's find all these people?


Kara & Levi said...

We totally used to live in those apartments!! Oh good memories! At least I think it's the same Pancheri???

Ken and Patty said...

YEAH!!! We did too!!!

Karlenn said...

Those are funny costumes! How dang fun! Oh, I LOVE The Office. Oh so much. I have the recipe for dinner in a pumpkin - equally as easy as rice and ham casserole. I can give it to you, too.