Monday, December 29, 2008

The Bless-ed Day

I love Christmas with Ken. There is something pretty special about waking up just the two of us. We sodder into the living room in our comfies and exchange a few gifts and kisses. Then, we lay there and snuggle until we get hungry enough to make breakfast.

Ken has outstanding taste in Christmas gifts. He knows just what I like. He gave me new pink girly pajama bottoms and warm socks. I la-hove being warm. He gave me fun art supplies and all my favorite sweets. (I'm going to hurry up and eat them all before I start my health plan.) Ken bought me these slippers that have sparkles all over them and it literally feels like I am walking on air when I wear them. He really knows how to shop for a girl. He gave me sudoku and word search books. I am a bit of an addict. I got pretty gold earrings for work- AND... fishing stuff!! Last summer I got really into fishing. I love being outside and spending time with Ken and I'm not a bad fisher-person. So I got new lures and bobbers and sinkers and all kinds of fun new stuff.

I got Ken a new watch, a dutch oven, an old Time magazine from the 60's I found at a yard sale about the stock market, and a new movie. Yeah- he way outdid me. But, like I said the best part of Christmas is spending it together. Mushy, I know. The second best part is the food!

That afternoon we went to Dad and Sheri's. They are Christmas fanatics! I love that their house is decorated floor to ceiling for Christmas. They really go over-board. This year they surprised me a lot. Mostly, with an iPod! Wah? Yup! Me. Miss Un-Techy who still jogs with a discman. I got an iPod nano. It's violet and perfect. I've spent all weekend putting my collection on it and jamming out of course. It's much more fun to do chores with an iPod lemme tell ya. I decided to organize/clean out my closet on Saturday... and thought "Hey why not listen to old Patty Cake." When you register an iPod you have to give it a name. I called mine Patty Cake. Anyway I put my little ear buds in (check it out-I know all the cool iPod words) and sang and danced and cleaned! Ken caught me singing once or twice and told me I was singing pretty loud. But hey, I gotta give Cher the respect she deserves right?

For Christmas dinner we had Grandma Grace ribs. Ohh they are so good. SO GOOD! The sauce. The meat. The mess. I love it. I feel like I ate my weight in ribs. But, everyone did. Dessert was double layer coconut cake. Wow. 2 pieces for me there too. De-lish.

Me and Ken ended the night at home, alone- in our love nest- watching his new movie.

Isn't Christmas/Ken the greatest?


The Empey Fam! said...

FINALLY PATTY!! haha i have been waiting for you to update!! haha sounds like you had a FABULOUS Christmas! It so fun to read your blog! I want to try this home made pot pie!

Lyner said...

Yum! Ribs...that sounds amazing, haven't had me some ribs in a long time! And I am jealous about the IPOD nano..I want one! I have a wimpy MP3 player :) Fun Fun

Anonymous said...

Awww, sounds like you had a great Christmas! I bet it's nice to have family so close.

Karlenn said...

Dude, I am the worst commenter ever. This last month has been SO STINKIN' BUSY. So I was going to go back and comment on some earlier stuff, and it won't let me comment now! :( So let me think.

I'm jealous of Ken's new phone. How fun!! I can't believe it does all that stuff. And it's funny that you said it felt "wrong" to move stuff around on the screen.

And I miss those days that felt like spring. A lot. I remember thinking that during those couple of days: "It feels like spring! I WISH!!"

And I'm so excited for you that you got an iPod! I've wanted one for years. Someday... and I love that you named it Patty Cake.