Thursday, December 4, 2008

Remember that nursery rhyme about the old lady who swallowed the spider to catch the fly?

There was an old lady who swallowed a spider

That wiggled and wriggled and tickled inside her

She swallowed the spider to catch the fly

I don't know why she swallowed the fly

Perhaps she'll die.

That "old lady" was me! Today! Except I didn't swallow the spider I spit it out! I am still trying to figure out how the whole thing happened. How that spider got on my mouth!

Here's the story:

Everyday at about 10:15 or 10:20 I get the munchies at work. To resolve these munchies I have a stash of PopTarts in the kitchen here. I la-hove PopTarts. Strawberry are my favorite. So I go in a grab my poptart. They have to be hot for me to eat it. So I put it into the microwave for 11 seconds. 10 seconds and they are not warm clear through and 12 the fillings oozes out. Somehow 11 is perfect. (TRY IT!) I wrap my poptart up in a paper towel so I don't burn myself and head back to my desk. I'm enjoying my snicker snacker and am about half way done when I think my hair is on my lips. So I brush my hair back behind my ears and still feel it! I try the heavy swipe with 4 fingers across my cheek. Still feel a hair! And wait.... it's really tickling.... it's moving! I wipe off my mouth and a spider is there! You know when you try to wipe one away and their insta-web starts working so you are dangling a spider from your finger? Yeah. That was me! That spider was crawling around my lips! How the h did he get there? I thought maybe he was on my ceiling and just happened to drop onto my head and webbed from there? Was he on the paper towel roll and I didn't see him? Or perhaps he likes poptarts too!

It was the weirdest thing. And now, of course, all day I have had the heebedee- jeebeddees. All over one little PopTart loving spider!


The Empey Fam! said...

ewwww i would have died seriously!!!!! i hate spiders!!

Gramma n Grampa said...

That is awwwwwful!!! I'm like Indiana Jones when he says, "I hate SNAKES. But I HATE SPIDERS and SNAKES.....!

Karlenn said...

Ewwww!! That is so funny and gross! I wonder how he got there! I hate when you get heebie-jeebies for like a day from stuff like that. Did you know that I barfed up a spider when I was pregnant? True story. Look it up on my blog.

Natalie said...

Pat that is gross!!!!!

Poulsen Family said...

They say the average person eats 8/9 spiders a year while in their sleep- well at least I heard them say that on the radio.

Anonymous said...

I just have to repeat what Karlenn said already...Eeewwwww!! I was laughing while reading it, but it's totally gross. I would've totally freaked out and not been able to do anything the rest of the day! I HATE SPIDERS! I have a post on my blog about that as well. LOL