Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Beginning to Look...

Last night Ken and I decided to decorate for Christmas! I have to give props to Ken. He is always so willing to feed my little desires. He doesn't complain or anything- just says, "Do you really want to?" And I say- "Yes." And then we do it.
Our past three Christmases we have gotten a real tree. I love the smell. And the feel of a real tree. (I know it's not real but I always feel a "winter chill" in the room when we have a real tree.) Anyway- my mom gave us her old fake tree and Ken I decided to save fifty bucks and start Christmas earlier than usual with the artificial tree. We turned on our Rat Pack Christmas CD and hauled all our boxes upstairs. It was a riot. Rusty even got in on the fun. Chewing on wires, eating ornaments, ramming himself into the boxes. He knows the true meaning on Christmas! We got the whole tree lit and decorated and it was time for the main event. Placing the star atop the tree.

Apparently, our artificial tree was a few sizes bigger than our past trees because our star didn't fit! We rammed it on there as hard as we could but Ken insisted that it looked tacky. So, we are on the hunt for a new star. And we need it fast. A Christmas tree isn't a Christmas tree without a topper!

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Karlenn said...

Your topper is hilarious!! I love how it's kind of wedged in there. We've never found a star we like, so we put a huge bow at the top of ours. I agree that real trees are awesome for the holidays, but it's really nice to save the money every year with our fake tree. I'm looking around, trying to figure out where to put ours!!