Monday, December 8, 2008

Love Bite

After Kar taught me how to put beachy waves in my hair- I've become a bit of an addict. "What?," you may ask, "I haven't seen you with beachy waves." The reason for that is I normally do it for work if I happen to wake up early- or on Saturdays when I have time. And rarely do I see my friends at work- and Saturdays I am a bit of a hermit.

Point of blog: A curling iron burn and a hickey are not similar. That whole thing is a lie. Mothers: If you have daughters and they come home with a love bite on their neck and try to tell you it's a curling iron burn- they are lying! And obviously out with some hottie late at night. Daughters: Wear turtle necks if you have a hickey! Sheesh!

I have learned this because Saturday I burned myself with my curling iron. Not on my neck but on my finger. It's all a white hot, painful blur as to how it happened. But this burn doesn't look like a hickey and it hurts to be touched and it's been nearly 48 hours and I still have it.

So, obviously it's a burn. And why would Ken give me a hickey on my finger anyway? In closing, if you are getting hickeys on a regular basis- and are still using the old "curling iron burn" razzle dazzle... you better think of a new story. Because the word is out!

*P.S. This picture does my pain no justice.


Natalie said...

Poor Pat it does look painful!!!

Lyner said...

I hate those kind of burns! They are the worst! I have four scars on my right hand. Because I put my hands in a fist and went back and my hand landed on a curling iron that was on the floor! It isn't as noticable now but i could see it for a few years after that!

Karlenn said...

Owww. Ah, the things we do for beautiful hair... And you have pretty fingers. Funny story - I once had this huge, nasty pimple on my neck. And I was too embarrassed to go to school with it, and I didn't have any turtlenecks, so I put a band-aid on my neck. And I got so much heck from my guy friends: "Who gave you a hickey that you have to cover up??" I was too embarrassed to take off the band-aid and reveal the pimple, so I just laughed and blushed. They must have thought I was a total ho.