Friday, December 12, 2008

iLove iPhone

Last night, Kenner got an iPhone. That lucky stiff. I seriously did not get what the huge hype was. It's a phone. It will make calls just like my dinky old phone I got for free when I signed up for my plan. But this... this is more than a phone! It's a revolution.
This "phone" has a full keyboard on the screen, it e-mails, it texts, it tells you what restaurants you'd like, it can sing all your favorite iTunes, it has GPS so will help you when you're lost. It's practically a member of the family. Judging by all the time Ken spent on it last night it apparently is his new best friend. (Picking up on the jealousy, yet?)
I did get to play with it for 3 minutes. And I say 3 minutes in all seriousness because it was timed. When 3 minutes was up I had to give it back to Ken. At first it's kinda strange touching the screen and sliding it every which way. It feels "wrong." Kinda bad. I felt like "This shouldn't be able to work like this." But I think if you give it a few days- it'd be hard to go back to using a regular phone. I know Ken gave me his old phone (which is "dead" to him) and after using his ultra cool iPhone I kept touching the screen on mine... hoping for the same effect. Nope. Didn't work.
As a testimonial, the iPhone is outstanding. Those cool commercials you see on TV? Nothing for the real product. It's so much more than what they show on the commercial. It does everything. I'm hoping Ken's grows little arms and legs and pulls a little weight around the house.
PLUS!!! It has this feature- you can set your phone to "Fake Call." So if you are going into some one's house or a business or something and you really don't want to stay long but you know that a certain person in there is impossible to get away from... you set you iPhone to ring in x amount of time. Anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. And it'll ring! No one is one the line! It's just a safety net! How cool is that?
Ken loves his new little iPhone so much. I'm pretty sure he is going to name it. And I love my new hand-me-down phone.... because I have to.


Anonymous said...

Mark would be so jealous! Even though he has an iTouch.

Lyner said...

Why do the guys get the cool phones? J/k but that sounds awesome! That makes my phone seem soooo lame! I get a new phone soon but still nothing like an iphone!

Heath Family said...

I like the Fake Call feature! Those iphones are pretty cool, but too cool for me...just give me a simple phone please.

The Empey Fam! said...

haha how hilarious!! i love it!!