Thursday, January 7, 2010

Difference of Holiday Opinions

Sometimes the Scrooge (Ken) and I have different ideas about how to spend the holidays. My ideas consist of visiting as many family and friends as possible, pigging out on cookies and nuts, having something to do every night, playing games, watching Christmas movies, painting Santas, singing carols, snuggling by the fire, sledding, ice skating, driving around looking at lights, building a snow man, sending Christmas cards, basically being over-all Christmas Saints. Ken's ideas for the season include locking ourselves in our house, turning our phones off, keeping as many lights as possible off and trying to convince people that we are not home and not available for celebrating. Hence, Ken has been the dubbed "Scrooge." Last year he was Scrooge-a-Rooney-McFatty but he dropped 45 pounds this year! I couldn't really call him McFatty anymore.
This year, perhaps stars were aligned, perhaps enough people lit candles for me at mass- but Ken was Mr. Kris Kringle. As jovial and jolly as they come. At first I thought it was a ruse. The beginnings to a trade off perhaps. Where for 3 days Ken will be Christmassey and then claim we already did all the festivities when I asked for more. I was wrong again. He rented Christmas movies to watch, he sang along to carols I played on the piano, we had a snowball fight, he drove me around night after night looking at lights. He'd turn all the lights off and look at the tree and snuggle me. It was a Christmas for the books. A week before Christmas we went up to my mom and dads for a visit. Just to visit. So not like Ken. It was awesome. Then, Christmas Eve we went and SPENT THE WHOLE DAY at my parents' house. The whole day! What a treat. He never asked to leave or push to go- we just sat there and chatted, played games, and stuffed our faces. He stuffed his with prime rib and I stuffed mine with mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. A weird combo- but I'm pregnant and that's what sounded good that day.

Jules is due in February- I'm due in July. We were comparing bellies.

Christmas morning we both woke up kinda early- the usual excitement of Santa coming- and opened presents. (I got a Snuggie... which I asked for... which is awesome.) Ken made that egg and hashbrown breakfast casserole that is sooo good. We lounged around and listened to Christmas music and then spent the afternoon and evening at his Dad and Sheri's house. They had Ribs. I had rice. It was truly a magical Christmas season. Ken's heart grew three sizes (Suess reference) and made this the best Christmas ever.

His Christmas spirit started the day his finals ended and lasted until December 26 when he declared, "CHRISTMAS IS OVER! Take that tree down."

And... he's back.


Nat said...

That's awesome that he got all Christmassy! Pete got a Snuggie for Christmas, and though it's warm (I've stolen it when he's at work) it's SUPER staticky. I don't know if it's just ours or if that's how they are.

Karlenn said...

Hahahaha!!! What is it with Snuggies? I know so many people who asked for and got them. Too bad about the static factor. How cool that Ken was all Christmassey. I am afraid that I am a Scrooge. But not to the point where I hide in my house. :) Ken cracks me up. And Julie is due in a month? Um, I look like her RIGHT NOW, and I'm five weeks along. Sheesh. And you don't even look like you're pregnant. Your family are genetic lottery winners, darling.

Brett and Tiffany said...

Cute pregnant girls! I am glad Ken enjoyed the holidays with you. i am with you...I love to do all of that stuff through the holidays. We were just talking the other day that we should have the two of you over for nachos. We do "nacho night" on Sunday evenings when we can. We thought it would be fun to have you two over. I know you are pregnant and not everything sounds good, but when you are ready and they sound good we will have you over for nachos (if Kenny is up to "hanging out" with people! Heehee!

Ken and Patty said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas Celebration! I'm so glad Ken wasn't Scrooge this year!!:) I love that picture of you and your sister. I'm totally jealous of your not showing belly! You can barely tell your pregnant! Ahhh, the days of a first pregnancy!!:)

Brett and Tiffany said...

We will definitely call you for nachos then! Next Sunday is New Beginnings so that won't work for us, but I will call you after that and we will plan a Sunday! That will be fun!