Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book Worm

I am reading the most wonderful book right now. Ken's been on my case about my reading selection. We all know I had a hard time parting with Harry Potter. I went into a reading depression after I finished reading them. I tried other books- but everything seemed like such a drag. After a year of lousy books- I caved- and read Harry again. I was elated. Ken made fun of me and said there are more good books out there. No. There's not, babe. I read Wicked. Not good. I still can't figure out how they make that book into a musical. I read Secret Life of Bees- it was okay... but there were no wizards in it. Read Twilight and realized there was no point in reading if it's not Harry Potter. I didn't read anything for about a month. Then, I read Me Talk Pretty One Day. I really enjoyed that! I saw myself coming out of my slump. I tried another book by David Sedaris, Engulfed in Flames. Not as good... back in. You're seeing the trend. It went on and on. And it's continued.
But then, alas, I became impregnated. This opened up a whole new world of reading. Baby books. What to Expect When You're Expecting is a gem. Truly a gem. A go-to know it all book. But let's be honest, not a real thrill to read. An excellent reference. I've read about 25 baby magazines cover to cover. I like those little articles and I learn a lot from them. And then I found my mecca. It's called Your Baby and Child by Dr. Penelope Leach. Ms. Leach (MD) has a rather witty sense of humor. She'll throw one liners at cha when you least expect it. The book is a smooth, relaxing, easy read and so informative. I'm learning things I didn't even learn from What to Expect! I know, right! What makes this book what it is- is that it is written from a baby's point of view. Not all gaga googoo. But she imagines what a baby must be feeling immediately after birth, the first time nursing, trying to fall asleep. I know there is no proof of what babies are feeling because they can't share that with us- but it just makes so much sense. It's a real eye-opener. What to Expect talks all about us as moms. Your Baby and Child turns the focus to the baby. The birth is not about you-it's about your baby. So obvious... but I've been so oblivious to it. (obvious and oblivious are really similar looking words.) The books about 800 pages long. It goes from birth to 5 years old. I recommend it to everyone raising kiddos.

And, in closing, I am always looking for a good reading recommendation.


Karlenn said...

That sounds so great! Can I borrow when you're done? Babies go through this phase when they're like two weeks old - it's like they're just PISSED. I've often wondered if that's when it hits them that they're never going back inside mommy, and they're really mad about it.

Brett and Tiffany said...

I LOVED Harry Potter books too! If you liked Harry Potter, you will probably like FableHaven also! Conner is reading it and loves it! They are a series like Harry Potter. I haven't read them yet but I have heard people say they enjoyed them like Harry Potter. Good luck!

Karlenn said...

Oh, and read Eat Pray Love. And read The Book Thief. I'm reading it now, and it is fascinating. Told from the perspective of Death himself, during the Holocaust. My book club from San Diego all e-mailed me about reading it. They loved it, as do I.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Harry Potter! I won't even try reading Twilight. Especially after watching the movie. UGH! Please kill me:P LOL I'm not into reading much. Mark had to read 'The Giver' for English a long time ago and I LOVED that book. Also, Mark loves to read picture novels, I forget what they're called but here are a few of those that I've loved too: 'Bone' by Jeff Smith. These are 7 short books. We have them all in color, but also in B&W. I totally recommend them!! And also 'Amulet' by Kazu Kibuishi. This one is a series. The first and second one are out. I've only read the first one and it was awesome! Oh, and I absolutely LOVED 'Marley & Me'. I didn't think I would, but I bought it on sale and it was sooo good! Ask Kar!!:)

Anyway, I'm glad you found a good pregnancy book that you liked. I always have a hard time getting through those now that I'm on my 3rd baby. I do love to read baby magazines though.