Monday, January 4, 2010

Reggie R. Resolution

This year I decided to give my resolution list a name. "Reggie." Full name Reggie Robert Resolution. I find it is easier for me to keep a commitment to a person rather than a piece of paper. I think Reg will help me a lot.
When I was growing up the first FHE of the year we would have a lesson on goals and mom and dad would have us write out our goals and help with the family goals. I think all the Bradley girls would agree that our favorite part came last when we would decide where to go on vacation. (Yes, vacationing is a goal.) For our personal goals my mom normally had a pretty piece of paper with some kind of decoration on the top and it would be broken into 4 categories: Physical, Temporal, Spiritual, and Financial. Did I have killer parents or what? Gosh, I'm spoiled. I remember putting under Physical "Take a shower every day." and "Grow my hair out." Ahhh... how simple life is when your 9.
I will say, I mastered the showering every day. No prob there. I get my hair trimmed every 8 weeks- but I keep it long. See? New Year Resolutions that I kept. This year I've committed (to Reggie) to do the following:

1. Be less judgmental. I seriously take one look at someone and label. Sometimes it's a nice label and sometimes it's a mean label. I shouldn't do that. Why do I do that. I am opening my mind and my heart this year and giving people as many chances as they need. "Hello, my name is Patty Non-Judgemental Poulsen." Yes... that sounds quite welcoming.

2. Let go of stress. I get stressed and I think it is part of my chemical make-up. I can't change my chemical make-up but I can change how I deal with it. So- at work, during this most grueling time of year, I am simply going to handle what I can and explain to my clients that the rest will just have to wait. I am strong, smart, and beautiful enough to be Wonder Woman- but I don't have that desire. Thank you though.

3. Read my stinking scriptures. Isn't it sad that this is a Resolution for us, Reg? I mean isn't it habit by now? No. It's not. And it really needs to be. Just read them. Every day. With a happy attitude.

4. Clean the kitchen before bed. I married the best house-wife ever. Ken cooks, cleans, and does the laundry. I never even asked him- he just took over day one. But because in the 4+ years we've been married I have rarely done these things Kenner thinks I can't. Well, mister, I'll show you! I'm taking a baby step and starting with the kitchen. Oh, c'mon I don't want to be chained to the house I just want to help out a little and not wake up to stinky-kitchen anymore.

5. Rebuild the savings account. This will take both self-control and budgeting. But it needs done. And I have a deep desire to do this one. I think this will be my easiest yet. Saving money has never been an obstacle for me. It's obtaining the money to save which can prove difficult.

6. Be transparent. When my sister, Jules-a-bug-stinkweeder, was on her mission she wrote me a letter encouraging me to be transparent. To always let people know what you are thinking and feeling. To be open and honest with all you come in contact with. I think it will make life so much easier. If everyone always knows how you feel- that makes it so simple. It's just being brave enough to do it.

That's it. 6 things. Reggie recommended only doing 5 but I'm an over-achiever by nature.


Brett and Tiffany said...

Good luck with your goals! We are doing our "goal-setting" fhe tonight like you talked about your parents doing! See, it is good your mom and dad did fhes where you set are still setting them! Good girl!

Karlenn said...

Good goals, Patsters!! It is very ambitious of people to write down their resolutions. I won't make any, because I never achieve them and feel badly about myself. :) I love that you named your resolution list "Reggie." And could your mom and dad be better, more spiritual parents? Nope.

johnandjana said...

Good job Patty. I am still thinking about mine. I really want to set some that I will work on and maybe achieve.

Anonymous said...

Those are some great goals! I need to add reading the scriptures to my list! I hope you can accomplish all of them! Good luck:)