Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catching the Cold

Yesterday was biiiiiizzze! (Busy. But typed "buuuuussssyyyyy" would be sounded out as Busey. As in Gary Busey. And it wasn't Busey it was Busy.)
I went into work a little earlier than usual because January is my most overloaded month. Which is why it is ranked 1 among all the other months. My January's are spent doing quarterly payroll reports, W2s, 1099s, and answering ridiculous tax questions for ridiculous people. (FYI You cannot deduct your child's lunch money, trips to the salon, or vet bills and you cannot claim any pets as exemptions. Real questions, guys.)
I took a 10 minute lunch break and ate some apple sauce and chips. My baby is getting so many good nutrients, I'm an awesome mom. Then back to the grindstone.
That whistle blew and I changed outfits from accounting Patty to janitor Patty and got to cleaning the building. (I normally clean on Wednesday but switched due to prior obligations.) So I get to scrub a dubbing and finish by quarter to 7. 15 minutes to drive back to go to Young Women.
I was late. Whatever. We went to the Indexing Center, which was really spectacular- and BIG! That lasted until about 9. I go home and Ken's sitting in the car in the driveway. I park and he asks me to get in. I do and off we go to Walmart.
He needs a filter for the furnace. My interest is piqued.
Why at 9:00 at night do you want to replace the filters, my sweet?
Well- the furnace isn't working. As in not blowing hot air into our home to warm it. As in it's going to be cold when we get back.
Cold was an understatement. It was beyond cold. I was wearing gloves. I wished I could have camped out at Walmart all night. The filter did nothing. I took out the owners manual and showed Ken the troubleshooting pages- which he didn't need since he knew he already tried all of them without even reading what was on the page. (He's just that smart.) We concluded the furnace was broken and we'd call Kelly to fix it.
I suggested Ken call Kelly immediately. I mean it's not THAT late. Ken said it could wait until morning. Needless to say I froze last night and woke up this morning with cold eyes and a sore throat.
I was fully FULLY clothed for bed too. Long johns, flannel pajamas, socks, gloves, and a robe. Cold. That darn furnace is still not making a sound.
Ken did call Kelly today and he's coming over tonight to look at it. I hope it's something like "Oh, you just need to flip this switch a couple times and she'll be up and running" and not something like "You need a new one. That'll be $10,000." For now- I am not really looking forward to going home tonight.
Maybe Ken will be a doll and snuggle me all night until the heater works again.


Poulsen Family said...

First off the picture at the top of your blog is hilarious!
Major bummer about the furnace, sure hope it's a quick and cheap fix!

Brett and Tiffany said...

Broken furnace...sleep naked with each other! You will stay warmer! I learned that from my "camper" husband! Enjoy! HeeHee!

Natalie said...

Sleep over at Nats

The Empey Fam! said...

brrr! Yea naked is the warmest thing you can do! and who will complain about that!! ;)

weloveadoption said...

I would have to say I know the feeling of not having a furnace work during the winter months and it is no fun. It is even worse when you have a little one to try to keep warm. Hopefully it didn't cost you too much. The furnace guy had ours fixed in 5 min. once he got here 6 hours later and we still had to pay the service call. It just stinks when it is something minor and you just can't figure it out. Luckily the second time it happened we knew exactly what to do. Oh the expense of Keeping warm. Good luck!

Karlenn said...

Oh GEEZ. I'm so sorry, Pat-a-roo. I know what it's like not to have heat during the winter. It's a nightmare. And I forgot to lend you my space heater tonight. I'm so sorry!!

Anonymous said...

We're having somewhat of the same problem. Not that the furnace isn't working, but the thermostat isn't working:P I think we need to buy a new one, but Mark doesn't want to spend the money so we just have to hard turn the furnace off sometimes and it'll start working again. I hope it's an easy fix!!

Lyner said...

Oh my I don't know what I would have done. Probably gone to someone's house and camped there. Bishop's house is awesome and Lacie's room is available...j/k! But I hope it is working now!!! Oh we need to do lunch when things slow down, what do you say?

Gramma n Grampa said...

This happened to us just before Christmas. Had to get a new blower motor and heating elements. Yahoooo! NOT! At least it wasn't a new furnace. Thank goodness. And of course it happens when it's freezing. arghhhhh!
We have a heated mattress pad you can borrow.

Harrigfeld said...

Did they FINALLY decide to let you clean there? Good for you. Hope everything went well with your furnace that stinks. Called you the other day- sorry you are so busy but call me when your life slows down!! Lets do lunch if you are not still sick.